Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fry in the Summer

Though, this lousy summer is a little far, I feel this damn summer is already here in Bangalore. This year, unlike the last year the weather has become much hotter. Last year, it drizzles at this time. And this year, everybody’s talking about how lousy weather has become. It surely has.  Damn this global warming.

Last week, there were two holidays. On Tuesday was a Holi holiday and on Friday was a Good Friday holiday. And you bet it, it was a goddamned holidays. I never celebrated either of these holidays. So, it was a lousy holidays. Sitting on my lousy bed, I did try to engage myself as much as possible in my own activities. Not knowing what to do on my lousy bed, I most of the time opened internet, closed the damned laptop, flipped those pages uselessly that were lying scattered next to my bed, read those phony writings, walked to and fro in my rooms, wrote something bullshit and you know when I write I typed on my keyboards, opened the refrigerator and drunk a cold drop of water, visited the toilet and came back to my lousy bed. These, I did over again and again. Goddamned it. I felt I was inside the cell. I did.

There was a long walk I gave. In this sweaty, blistering sun, children were playing cricket. It really killed me. How those little craps could bear the heat of the sun. I went to a shop to read the temperature. The number on the wall flicked. It was 31. Not so bad number I heard. New Delhi reached upto half boiling point and other parts of the world too. I don’t know how people live in those blistering places. The thought of it killed me. It did.

The room has been boiling like anything, and the fan's blades couldn’t be seen when they move. And you look for a cool shower. The shower is not as cool as you expected. The heated warm water drizzled out heavily. Bet me. The warmness is enough to make you sweat. God, I hate that.

By evening, mosquitoes dance all around. I don’t know where they come from. I close every gaddam tiny holes, windows, doors, etc. Do they come from the sink’s hole?  I use coils, sprays, creams, etc, but they always loiter around hunting for a prey. They literally kill my sleep. One day, when I wake up in the morning, I saw three mosquitoes sleeping next to me, permanently dead, theirs tiny bodies filled with red blood. I nearly puked. It kills me. I mean it.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

This World is Yours

The sun has the whole universe
And you too have all
In front of you the vast stage;
To play the game you have never played.

You have all;
Generosity, merriment, cry, hurt, love, care, good, bad, all.
It’s how you see…
How you go…

To me,
You are always joyful and have a piece of good heart!
You are optimistic as you are,
And powerful as a man needs.
And the person’s personality.
Shine through joys and goodness.

Good in all, to become best you try
And sometimes in life- independence
Bother not what others do
And bother what you do.

Let no one hurts you at last
Let others say well
Self-hope sometimes uplift you
You need that expectation.

Your future is as shiny as coral
As you have everything
That a man sometimes doesn’t have
Health, wealth, character, good rapport, confidence, persuasiveness
That will really win through the life
And may god bless you always
And my wish is god’s wish, my son.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Canned Dream

People care about the fruits, not how a tree is nurtured and taken care (I wrote a similar topic in this blog called ‘The Roots of a Seed’)

What do you feel when the most expected fruit comes as a disaster? Or worse, even so, axing the whole tree, or rooting out the tree from the soil.

The hope of life is the root and if the root is rooted out, there is no hopeless hope than this. Likewise, for someone, the most desirable thing in life comes as what many friends called as ‘killing the life,’ ‘demoting the life,’ ‘what is these?’ all blames, blames and more blames; blames to your life, blames to the people around you, blames to the God!

A few of my friends time and again blurted out often, “I know everything, but what’s wrong with this result?” It’s like saying, ‘life is empty, but what’s this suffering?’ It’s almost time to complete courses, and for many dreamers the end of the course will be the end of their lofty dreams. Not so. Never end. I tell myself, always. My house owner was once a rickshaw puller. He narrated it to me. Now he has twenty seven buildings of his own. He eats gold, I think. No one can say life. Just dream and relax, and jump and hold tight when that dream knocks at the door. But my door always remains open to welcome dream. I hope I have not missed the dream. Sometimes, the future, which seems illusory and out of reach, does not concern me at all.

Anyways, I mock those ‘canned dreamers’ and think to myself, ‘Nobody knows everything, only the God knows.’ But deep in the heart, I ask many a times, that how unequal is it, that the God doesn’t know some people, (those people who deserve) but there is always ‘BUT’ in life. Why so contrast and comparison in this life. God is one, say politicians. But if you ask any layman, he/she would say their god is the best, meaning others are false. That is a huge debate and to answer for an unseen thing like god. I give up.

But, everything is unequal, and let me leave with George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ book, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sometimes, darkness can be too dark
Not having any small spark
Dingy long unending days
Seems no light at the end
And all things look empty and vain
Things fall apart
There, I wish hope.

Sometimes, silence can be too silent
Without any rustle or any breath
In a lonely place, and alone
And feeling and sensing so down
Feeling so diffident and so forlorn
There, I wish love and joy.

Sometimes, stresses can be too stressful
Without any prospect of solution
When troubles are troubling
And things are all in hotchpotch
There, I wish peace and homely beauty.

Sometimes, love can be so hurtful
When wounded heart breaks into pieces
Spread; all round me; everywhere
On the carpet, on the sofa, on the pillows, the beds
There, I wish a truelove

I wonder why I am the only one at fault
Alone, bearing all these pains
My tensions go over the brink
Where will I set foot?
Where will I rest?
Why do I get sucked into this tunnel?
So often
So dark, so indistinguishable
I try to hide
But especially from myself……. DARKNESS.