Thursday, July 28, 2016

Transformative Pedagogy -- 2016

Most employees want the same things: a fair and competitive salary, raises and promotions, and normal TA/DA, to foster greater employee engagement and a deeper sense of satisfaction in jobs.
Monetary benefits consistently top the list of what employees would give them greater gratification. Provide these benefits, and one could see a more positive culture, more engaged employees, and a more loyal, productive workforce.

The education ministry has been working on developing the skills of teachers and increasing their job happiness. “A teacher is the heart of school and education,” education minister Norbu Wangchuk said. With his vision and good plan, teachers in Bhutan got to attain the training for five days in various centre in Bhutan.  Though the time of workshop is (for some teachers) was during their summer break, it was mostly in the beginning of the second semester of the year. The centres for workshops were properly planned, to get entitlement or TA DA, teachers were sent little far away from their school. For example, teachers of Darla MSS were sent to Phuntsholing and Chukha and likewise Chukha schools were sent to Gedu. It was truly heartwarming to have arranged in that way, and many teachers were thankful for it. For that all teachers were entitled for all kinds of benefits. If not, it could be otherwise, if it was to be steered by bad hands.

It was clearly announced and published in the newspapers of how much budget that our new education minister had invested for teachers. “In order to develop the capacities of teachers, Nu 116.8 million (M) has been allocated this year from just around Nu 8M last year. The ministry in 2016 will initiate a new pedagogy training for around 9,000 teachers across the country.” (Kuensel, Investing to better teachers, June 6, 2016). We know teachers don’t get any benefits like travelling allowances. Entitlement of equal TA/DA and Mileage will boost the efficiency and productivity of the civil servants in Bhutan, thereby overall performance of the country’s economy will be benefited. Further, this will also increase level of confidence, competence, ethics and integrity across civil servants. Moreover, this might indirectly decrease the level of corruption and improve accountability of the civil servants in the long run. I particularly thank Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuck for good initiative and it will definitely boost teachers further.

During the trainings we were given sumptuous lunch and refreshments. Looking at the nature of all the other workshops or trainings in the country I didn't expect this to work in the beginning. But I assure it will work.

But by the end of the workshop, we felt a certain sense of satisfaction. We learned new skills and knowledge. We learned how to apply cooperative learning structures and active learning strategies. And I don’t want to write those literatures here as we got our detailed handouts.