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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Babies

Pema Tashi and Pema Nidup....brothers!!

Am i the one here?

A smile that would cost million dollars

Nipping the nipple

You are so precious and sweet,
you have come into our lives
You are a gift of life
you added new meanings
To the wonder and mystery of life.
The giver of joy
The world's sweetest miracle,
Baby boy, is you.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On This Day

On this day I am lonely
You are not here
In the mind I have worry
I think of good days
I think of delightful days
I cannot carry this sadness anymore

On this day I am lonely
You are not here
My missing thing
I think of you
In the mind I have worry
I can’t carry this sadness anymore

Every day the sun passes by
It doesn’t vanish
I feel there is a place
To be together somewhere
For good people

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Thank you merciful GOD for giving everything
Thank you mighty GOD for giving health and happiness
Thank you omniscient GOD for giving a lovely family
I supplicate to grant us these - all times

I am grateful to my parents
For bringing me up
And making me what I was not
My debts to them are myriad

I am blessed with the wealth to stay on
And a good place to live on
Thank you for sending us two lovely sons
They day they came to us was our life
The sons are the suns

12th is the number of the month
they were born
One November 12th and other April 12
12 becomes my favorite
How happy we are to have you both
With you both, it’s all happiness
And so happy to be with you two
Our dearest sons
May God be merciful for us to live for seven or more generations

You are our world little ones
We would do everything;
To make a better person
A good person
A living person
My new born baby sleeping sweet

Oh! how we like you

Changing and kicking out!

Me and my baby

His mother feeding

When he was seven days old
I am indebted to my father and mother

Four of us with our best

Two of us

My dear little ata baby in Tsirang

Baby ata and his mother

Baby ata and his father(me)

Proud to be a boy and studying in Darla MSS

In Gelephu. Three of us

On the way to Trongsa a long time ago

During Blessed Rainy Day near Gedu

Inside Darla MPH watching the concert show. Baby Danced!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

My House

My house in my village in pemagatshel is almost 60 years old. It singularly stands near a forest in Labar. This is the house where my parents are living, and we all brought up. It is a huge house with three storied stone, wood, mud built. Though there was no iron pillar as such in it, it stood against any kind of natural calamities like earthquake and erosions. Earlier than, the soil erosion tried to erode beside our house many times, but after having built a wall and planted trees; it is now a matter of talk. My father said that it was also struck by earthquake for several times, but not a stone came down. It is as it was before. I like my house. I wonder how my parents could have built a huge and strong house. It must have been very hard work. My father has said to have brought carpenters and workers from Assam. I guess this is his engineering and design as it looks like one of the best Bhutanese houses. Because of this house my father was known to be the wealthiest in the Gewog, and is also known to many people in the Dzongkhag. He was and is. Now I look back at this house with lots of pride and respect. This was and is my house, my temporary house, just like my late brother Sonam; who left this house, I too have to leave…to my permanent house…where? Too sad.

Here are some photos of my house which I clicked last time from my mobile.

Front view

Side view