Friday, November 16, 2012


He is nothing today
Nothing exactly
And nothing more
And nothingness enshrouds him
And nothing is worthwhile

There is nothing as such;
The sound of rustling
And nothing more
Mute, deaf, dumb and numbed, nothing
Not even a palpitation

There is nothing in life
He is gone today
Living the life
Hopes, dreams and wishes all death
Nothingness is all he has

Nothing will last to the end
It’s as empty
 as useless as
A smile a minute ago
Shifts into tears

The world is nothing to him;
Cannot hold, cannot play, cannot secure
It’s all nothing
As he is nothing
And everything has become nothing
All and nothingness is all that’s alive
And triumphs over something
Nothing is what his life has become now
His dreams lying cold and dead on the ground.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who DOESN’T Try?

Time to time we get demoralized by people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have everything from birth. Time to time we get demoralized by people who have achieved success to their great height without doing much. Time to time we get demoralized by people who have lots of capabilities to do everything but left in the dust.  Time to time we get demoralized by people who have lots of love but betrayed by the same love.  Everything is unequal and George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ book rightly says, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Anyways, life is not all about comparison.  I am not so. I look for a place or path where I can have enough space to stay or walk on. That is it. A plate of rice is enough for me.

Life will change, I thought when I was a boy, but as I realize now, it is just the beginning of overcoming trials and tribulations of life.

I cared so very much about the fruits, not about how a tree is nurtured and taken care, and when I jump to get the fruits from un-nurtured tree, the qualities of fruits are very dreadfully small.

Life is trying and trying and even more trying, not axing the dreams. It’s trying. I tried to do many things in my life but most of all failed and over again. I tried to work hard to reach the target I had thought but my work hung in the vacuum of no-where; anyone hardly recognized my toils or was it unreachable fate in my life. I tried to write but it faltered devastatingly. I am ever trying, I was hurt but I move on but the bad parts shape me into better person as I continue to move in life. I tried liking my job but others didn’t like it the way I did work; without knowing anything, it was fagging also. I tried to fulfill my parent's expectations but it’s putting off to the future. They were the one to fulfill my expectations. I tried to mask with happiness but internal force was more powerful, I am a victim of it. I tried very many alternatives to bring my life to my satisfaction, but every trying is as useless as not trying at all. The more I try, the more I have worries that anguish my problems further. The more problems I encounter the more solutions I try to find. But the solution is far hidden behind the mountains.

God forbid me not, from not trying; I will keep on trying… I say this because when everything fails, in the end, one hope keeps me kicking; knowing that I have my family to embrace me and show me that there is still love around me. So I will keep on trying. I am not an escapee. I can’t give up easily…BUT what can I try now?
Anyways, hope keeps waking up.

And this story keeps me there is something in life; the artificially-kind of real that we need to display to live our lives forth. Here is a story: A man bought 12 flowers. 11 real and 1 fake. He said, "I will love you until the last flower dies."

And this is the irony of life; to fake and live or to live and fake.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bad Luck

Now and then, bad luck can shame you
And makes you gloomy;
The hurt in the heart bemuses and frustrates
Everything you carry out will be of desperation,
The lot will have some criticism,
Everywhere, some bending and harassment,
Face pulls down,
Mouth shut!
All over, your act will be defective.

Everywhere you wrong;
That infects other!
 Grave is your ambiance -
Whatever you attain or find
Turns out to be meaningless
All endeavors turn to nothing
One-way or other, your people hurt you,
They go off beam,
Splitting the same smash up.

Why these come about erratically?
To stick with for a week or two
Every walk you walk,
Every talk you talk
Will diffuse your face
Nothing counts.
All gone astray to be dishonored;
Those push down your days
You bear wary.

When bad luck comes slithering
You’re in the chasm of omission
Nobody heeds
And nobody you can take care.

At this time, you think and think
But of all wrongs
Nothing hit!
Your world turns sinister
You cringes your mind thick
And think
But your hurts multiply in the heart,
The think that never will imagine beyond,
At this point, you must be more cautious and con­scious.