Monday, August 31, 2015

A Golden Handshake-a solution to Unemployment

The government has failed to frame a long-term employment policy, without which there is a danger of disrupting and pressures of the path of development strategies. The employment otherwise would be for a few well-connected individuals.

According to a recent report prepared by the Ministry Labour and Human Resources the unemployment is 2.9 percent, and the country’s youth unemployment stands at 9.6 percent.

This year almost half of the 3,322 university graduates appeared the preliminary examination for 434 vacancies in the civil service. This means at least three graduates will be vying for a slot in the civil service this year. The unemployment figure is rising. According to the labour ministry’s press release, the national unemployment rate has decreased by 0.3 percent in 2014 from 2013, which is not actually true.
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The government must now think of absorbing graduates. One of the best ways of giving jobs is to replace old servants with that of new seekers. The labour force participation rate is estimated at 62.6 percent in 2014, (those between 16-45) and they are considered economically active group than who are economically inactive due to old age. One of the techniques of making the workforce is Voluntary Retirement Scheme. This is generous, can be tax-free severance payment to persuade the employees to voluntarily retire from the company, which is called as ‘Golden hand Shake’ as it is the golden route to retrenchment. It can be a better ways of creating jobs for active group of people.

A golden handshake is essentially a severance or kind of compensation made to employee through several ways, such as cash, or stock options, or other incentive packages. It’s an agreement between an employee and employer when they leave jobs or retire voluntary-credit as a retirement incentive. A golden parachute agreement customarily is used as a lure to create jobs and give opportunity to jobs to people in the country. As young people enter jobs, they tend to perform better than old oldies.

Some benefits under this scheme are better emoluments; the employee will get the provident fund and gratuity dues at the earlier year so that he/she can use for house construction, and for family subsistence. It is a lucrative settlement which prevents resentment at the old age. It also offers best and human route to retrenching excess of employee. Sometimes, voluntary nature preludes the need for enforcement.

The people most likely to take advantage of the Golden Handshake(GH) are people who would retire anyway. For example, employees who are more than 50 years old and have more than 25 years of service should be eligible for GH. If this tenure has to be taken in, 1000 or more jobs could be created in a year than 434. Offering the GH might encourage a few additional employees to retire sooner. And those bogus employees opt retirement and for the benefit anyway, and then the new experiencers would result in a higher quality work.

As an alternative to the Golden Handshake, there could be Lump Sum Incentive program in which retirement-eligible employees were offered a lump sum incentive. These can include cash, a house, or stocks options, or other packages for life-long for personal sacrifice of early retirement. For example, an employee at least 50 years old who retires by the close of the fiscal year is offered the opportunity to receive lump sum incentives.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Darla School Annual Concert

Darla school is gearing up for the upcoming Annual Concert show which will take place for two days on 28-29th of August 2015.The school has been preparing almost for a month for the final show. Different in- charges and coordinators are given different items to be practiced. Students, teachers and school have been busy after the school. Everyone couldn’t think about hanging around and losing time like that. When days crawl near, students and teachers bump here and there looking for participants, but to see only their own participants in other programs. It is good that each student is allowed to take part in only three items for maximum participation, and it’s also not taken seriously by our students. During rehearsal, there were some students taking part in four items. So be it, I say. Good dancers should. Even monkey can dance when the music is on.

Our teachers, students and councilors are busy selling tickets for the show. The cost of the ticket is nu. 80. And last year it was nu.70. This is the much mauled and ranted in the school when it comes to any collection. Where does the money go? It is too much? Are some of our not- a –sweet- talk among our students. And this is something to be criticized and true. Last year, the show made huge money and now there was no talk about it. There was presentation in one of the various meetings that it was used for buying stage decoration clothes and related things like that. But the stage remained same or poorer than before. The back wall of the stage is scratched, smeared and blotted with so many tints of colors. The floor planks have become pendulums, and risky for our participants. And there was no musical instrument, no lighting amenities, no good sound boxes and NO. But YES when it comes to work??

Anyways, we hope everything will be better this year. And HOPE we must. And like last year, our Darla community will come and watch the show. The show is all about showing talents and abilities of our and your students. This show is dedicated and honored our fourth Druk Gyalpo and Je khenpo on their 60th birth anniversary. The school is also building a Jangchub chorten for the well-being of all. Come, watch the differences!
All set to go with the ticket on circulation

Invitation card send to every individual around the school

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Human Values Workshop

Darla school staff attended Human Values Workshop in Gedu for three days beginning from 13-15th of August. I reproduce some important topic that the workshop covered during these three days. When there was a feedback session, everyone said how changed everyone was at the end of the workshop. In the beginning the content was similar to our eight fold paths, and it actually was derived from there.

The session starts with this proposal, an ambiguous one:
“Whatever is said is a Proposal (Do not assume it to be true / false)
Verify it on Your Own Right – on the basis of your Natural Acceptance

It also defines the role education.
“The role of education is to facilitate the development of the competence to live with Definite Human Conduct.”

And transformation is equal to development as far the workshop. This is the diagrammatic summary of human values.

Transformation = Development

Right Understanding is all we need

And Preconditioning leads to many undesirable activities

The self and body...i like this part the most. Everything submerges in the space. Where does the self go from the space?