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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PemaGatshel Throme

Of late, there are lots of hullabaloos about Dzongkhag Throme in Pemagatshel, and it is radical, and people have rights at length. Pemagatshel is only the Dzongkhag left without any thromes-Yenlag or Dzongkhag throme. In social media like Facebook and twitter, one could read so many hurling abuses and comments left by the literate people of Pemagatshel.

Lucky Semsel wrote in the face book group called ‘Pemagatshepa:’

  “If you look at the present Pema Gatshel Dzong area, you won't see any major developments. Things have not changed for decades in terms of development. Now, the dzong is under construction in Denchi and the Dzongkhag area will also eventually shift to the new location. However, if Denchi is not identified as the Dzongkhag town, everything will be same again. No developments will take place there. On the contrary, Nganglam is bound to prosper as a big business harp whether it is identified as Dzongkhag town or not. Should there be rainfall where there is already abundant water? Or, should the rain fall in the desert?”

And the most popular and thorough discussion is about poll posted by Sangay Choki. It has now more than 500 comments, and most people voting for Denchi.
 Vote for Thromdey in Pemagatshel
Which one you prefer as Thromdey in Pemagatshel? *
1. Nganglam is more appropriate
2. Denchi is more appropriate

And like wise there are many opinions and views about Thromes, and most of them dissatisfied ones. I truly believe that Gatshelpas are not taken fairly and are deliberately abandoned. There was only Dasho Zanglay Drukpa folding his hands that the Throme should be in Denchi.NC Jigme Rinzin was not supporting any of the place. What is that? And that woman didn’t exist there. I would prefer Dzongkhag Throme in Denchi, and there are many reasons for this. First, Dzong is there. Second, Denchi has eight jacketing Gewogs. Third, it was already planned by the DPT govt. and where is the logic if plan changes when every new govt. is formed. Fourth, Denchi is safer than bordering places. Fifth, Nganlam is far flung from Dzong, and it would be for eight gewogs if ever Dzong was to established in Nganlam. Sixth, Nganlam would develop inevitably as it’s a border. Seventh, Nganlam will be regional town, not Dzongkhag throme. Eight, Ngalam was not in Pemagathsel before five years ago. Ninth, Denchi has two big rivers nearby so that people could catch fishes to feed their lives-true. To develop into a town, a river is necessary. Look for any good cities or towns around the world without a big river nearby it. Tenth, Pemagatshel has no town then.

The fact is; we don’t have to have any kind of hard feelings in our mind if it weren’t for ONE person. This happens because of ONE leader, when Bhutan first has transaction in the govt. system. HE came out of nowhere declaring he was from Pemagathsel. Where was the connection – west and east? HE wooed and melted the hearts of women. HE easily won. If HE was in the power now, Gatshelpas would have been more fortunate; we would have got what everyone got. AND if HE had not contested first from there, Gatshelpas would have been more fortunate; we would have got what everyone got. Now, half sunshine is all what is there. HE couldn’t go from what He had created like that leaving Gathselpas in this situation. You are our messiah, please come back. We are flawed. I personally have a very high regard to the person; as a leader, as a developer, as an inspirer. HE is my role model. Everyone liked like me. Now the thinking of the govt. has changed. And everything has been sidelined. And this is politics. And I would leave with a quote from Kamala das ‘An Introduction’:

I don’t know politics but I know the names
Of those in power, and can repeat them like
Days of week, or names of months, beginning with Nehru(TB).

Note: The above views are personal and don’t intent to hurt anyone directly or indirectly.