Friday, October 30, 2015

Special Dedication Week to our Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck

This week is celebrated as ‘Special Dedication Week’ to His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo on His 60th birth anniversary in Bhutan.  Every day-for –a-week, we are having different messages and programs. We light butter lamps for the king which is arranged (a small altar) in front of the assembly ground. We sing Zhabten( a special prayer for long life). Many students’ speakers spoke about the fourth king in the morning assembly. There is also quiz questions based on the fourth king’s life.

We solemnize this week to our living legacy. We express and show our gratitude, honor, homage, accolade, commendation, felicitation, wish, pledge, gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, greeting and pay tribute, and we pray for his happy and long life. To honor the occasion, I recounted a short fact about the fourth Druk Gyalpo during one of my a week duties (Teacher on Duty)

King Jigme Singye Wangchuck was born at Dechencholing Palace, Thimphu on 11 November 1955, to the Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Her Majesty Queen Grandmother Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck.
The mantle of leadership, when Bhutan was at a crossroads both domestically and internationally, fell on him, on June 2, 1974, when he became the king of Bhutan at the age of 18.

He married to the four queens, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck, Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck and Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck, who all are daughters of Yab Ugyen Dorji and Yum Thuji Zam.

He brought many landmark developments, like construction of Chukha Hydropower Project, road networks, decentralization of administrations, opening to tourism, became member of many organization like WHO, UNESCO, World bank, IMF, SAARC, established RIM in Bhutan, established Gewog Yargay Tshochung, etc…

During his reign, he firmly established our status as an independent, sovereign nation.
During his reign, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck expanded diplomatic relation with many foreign countries. His Majesty foreign policy deepen Bhutan’s relations with many countries especially India. Bhutan also received many high level foreign visitors including various Prime Ministers of India; Yasser Arafat; Prince Naruhito of Japan, the King Birendra of Nepal, Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia of Bangladesh, and I.K. Gujral; and Prince Charles of Wales, to name a few.

The country overcame the militancy of the southern rebels in the 1990s. His Majesty led the "operation flush out" team against ULFA, KLO and NDFB militants. The well-armed militants from Assam and Bengal had illegally entered jungles of southern Bhutan and camped in some 30 locations while carrying out attacks back in Assam and Bengal. Our King personally headed the military operation and flushed them out in three days, that might have brought security threat to the country.

The Fourth Druk Gyalpo, also drafted the Constitution of Bhutan with his people, providing the legal framework for a democratic, political system for Bhutan. The drafting of the Constitution for the kingdom of Bhutan is an exemplary stride towards democracy. In many countries the changes in the system of governments were brought externally through revolution and public strife. However, the Bhutanese are fortunate since the change came as a gift to the people of Bhutan from the Throne. The Constitution was offered to the people at a time when the country enjoyed unparalleled peace and stability with total harmony and unshakable fidelity between the King and the people.

The fourth king abdicated the thrown for the people in 2006 and in favor of his son Crown Prince Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

A larger than life figure, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck is a national hero of different historic dimensions and aspects of national status and life. His Majesty the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck is the creator of GNH (Gross National Happiness) and the Father of the Nation.

I also recited a short oath to our king which I have written very recently:

Our joy ring, we sing
Long may our land be bright
With freedom’s holy light
Great god, our king.

King Jigme Singye Wangchuck
United,peace and spring of development brought
Thank you.
Long live our beloved king.

May His Majesty enjoy many years of happiness and may the flag of Pelden Drukpa continue to flutter high under the reign of his son, His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Long live the Fourth Druk Gyalpo! Palden Drukpa Gyelo!


Not only me, our students also read so many beautiful messages and tributes to our king.

One of these messages is written below; which was read out by Mr. Dawa Thsering of class V B. I wrote this piece for him.

My King: The Jewel of our Country

My king, my country’s king. He is helpful to all the people. He worries about his country. He makes good decision to help people, when any problem comes.

I am glad to have smart and brave king. He guides our small nation with great love and affection. He is guiding us to the realms of modernity without sacrificing our great tradition. He is our guardian.

My king is my parent. He is very popular everywhere. He has built many schools and hospitals, roads, electricity, etc, for his people.

I have my poem here for you, Your Majesty.

You are the bud of love
And country’s king
You are so special
You are king of hearts
And jewel of our country.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

His Majesty Visits

His Majesty visited Darla Gewog on 17/10/2015. It was a history to have audience with His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck in Rinchentse Helipad, Darla. No king had visited before in Darla. His Majesty’s planned was to visit our school, but due to some busy schedule, the Majesty and His entourages arrived very late in the evening. Our school and staff were asked to go down to Rinchentse. So, we walked in line for almost three kilometers to be picked by buses on the way. The school was very unlucky and unfortunate to have missed the Royal visit. We had splendorous and pompous preparation for His Majesty visit to our school for almost a week. But we were extremely lucky to have audience in Rinchentse with the public of Darla and neighboring villages. Thousands of people assembled on the ground. Many people were said to have come early in the morning from 5am. The audience was graced with His Majesty presence at 5pm. The Majesty gave a royal speech on how happy he was to be with the people. He also talked about being good citizen and taking care of children – sons and daughters. The Majesty also served Tokha to the people. People also received His Majesty booklet with a Coronation coin in it. There were also some dances from the public of Darla and students of Darla MSS. Bhutanese comedians, Gyem Tshering and Gyam Dorji broke out many witty jokes; and there were lots of mirth and joys. When people came out, people were all smiles to have received a beautiful portrait of His Majesty the King and The Queen.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Chick

(Readers' restriction: The humor below is only for the mature group as it contents some offensive terms, and the writing does not necessary propagate nor it’s propaganda or blame any language or so). Note: I had posted this same article somewhere in 2012. I find quite funny. And it was true incident.

Born and brought up in Eastern Bhutan, and the only language I knew was Sharchokpa. I always wanted to learn others' languages. And Lhotsampa being a quite popular, I was quite excited to learn. In class IV, Bishnu Kafley was my Lhotsampa friend(and we had been friend for many years, till we graduated class eight, and we lost each other…hope, we will meet one fine day, and I will surprise him with his language). In those times, I didn’t know his language, and nor did he know my language. So, we spoke headless-legless-English. ‘Come,’ ‘go,’ ‘eat,’ ‘play,’ with various body languages.

As the chick becomes cock, I graduated from the Samtse College of Education. By then, I could speak here and there Lhotsampakha. My first posting was in Tsirangtoe Lower Secondary School, Tsirang in 2005. It was both fortunate and unfortunate; fortunate; for I was there in the place where the majority of population were Lhotsampas, and unfortunate; to live in the remote windy, damply place. Anyway, I was eager to learn their language if not, master some words and semantics orders. Great!

My students always knock me out, and they do even in my sleep now; with their beguiling faces, naughty-dirty faces, and rough-murky behaviors, wake me up.

That was the class, probably my third class, and the third chapter. And I have jumped two chapters as to start with the easiest one - that was the domestic animals. Being a geography teacher, I taught geography. We talked about domestic animals. I asked them to name some animals, and, which they did one by one. I wanted to go little further; animals and their young ones (a teacher always adds something more on the topic, and that adds the teacher’s persona and his high erudition!).
‘Cow-calf, pig-piglet, horse-foal, chicken-chick and others.’ I said.
The students gave a sudden laugh.
‘Chick,’ I told them sensing funny.
Their laughter continued.
‘Chick,’ I repeated playfully, but loudly.
By then, there was a few laughter and girls begin to bend their heads.
‘What is fun with chick? You know chick?’ I asked seriously.
‘We know sir,’ the faint voice shot up.
‘Sir, it’s a dirty word,’ a student said.
‘What is it? I want also to learn.’
‘Not in the class sir,’ the captain in the class said.

I asked the captain after the class.
‘It means sleeping together, and having sex together sir,’ he shyly, decently and indirectly told me.

I never thought I would go to that extend. It literally means f**k. I didn’t go to that class for three days. And chick was to be strictly checked, I promised them. My impatience to learn the Lhotsampa language certainly wanes from the day.