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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photography Club: Action Plan 2015

This year I am taking photography club in the school. I am not a professional photographer, but I am photographic enthusiast. I have designed some objectives and activities for the academic year 2015.

                                                              Photography Club: Action Plan 2015
Aims & Objectives
·         To increase our creative skills and technical abilities in the craft and art of photography and also understanding little aspect of camera
·         To share our photographic knowledge and experience with others
·         To provide a meeting place for those interested in photography and, where practical, to facilitate provision of advice and assistance to members; career and future of photography
·         To make the enjoyment of photography accessible to a wider community like fellow students
·         Promoting and appreciation of the art of Photography by the general public
·         Giving a big-sized coloured group-framed photo to outgoing staff for coloured memories
·         Organizing a group exhibit after one year of activities-photo show
 -    Planning trips to take photos together,(both indoor and outdoor) and having local photographers come give us tips if possible.

In achieving our objectives, our weekly activities are:
Learning Objectives
-Familiarizing the club
-Discuss aims and objectives
-Select student club coordinator

-Familiarizing Photos and camera
-Create a small photo studio to display photos
Understand photography
-Group photo outings-staff, class and groups photos
Memory through photo
-Display photos on the board for students order

-Sorting photos
- Maintain video archive for our presentations(Provision)
 -to be filled after the activities
-Field trips and outings, taking passport photographs
-Guest speaker experts and instruction courses (provision)
-Sorting photos

-Create a website or a blog that not only shows the objectives of the club, but also constant photos updates and also showcase some of the members’ works.

-Sorting photos

-Exploring and learning the fascinating world of digital photography. Experience is not necessary, just a love of taking pictures and the desire to learn and improve your skills. (class)

-Sorting photos

Display photos

-Sorting photos

-Share students inspirations & skills in all aspects of photography in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. (Class)

-Annual Photographic exhibitions open to everyone

-Awards for merit points earned through photographic accomplishment

A final thought:

-Use Social networks such as blog, twitter and Facebook to promote our activities and plan to create Bhutan photography club.

Developed and coordinated by Saacha Dorji