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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Inter –house Skit Comp

Skit is an integral part of a child’s education, and it is on offer in small measure in Darla MSS. Skit or drama would bring children’s self-esteem, confidence and communication skills. 
English literary committees conducted inter-house skit comp. on 28th May 2016. The skit is such a new activity carried out in the school. We conducted only this year after seven or more years. The main objectives of conducting this type of skit are: Students will:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of story elements by constructing an outline of a skit.
  • Develop a story plot with sequential events using a plot.
  • Develop listening, speaking, and performing skills by working cooperatively to create and perform a group skit
  • Recognize conflict and resolution in a story by analyzing each other's skits
  • To work in cooperation and groups to create a good skit.
Our students had chosen compelling and sad stories of parents-children relationship, and the value of friendship. It was interesting one as they had LCD projector to display the scene and pictures. They also used background score music and sound system. Though the sound system was not that good, and shouldn’t expect from the school! After all it wasn’t movie or drama hall. They used whatever they had to the maximum. The stage decoration was creative and appealing one. I personally didn’t not expect our students doing well in skit. They did well. There was ‘The Last Leaf,’ ‘A Mother’s Love,’ ‘One-eyed Mother,’ and other. Here are some stills:
The Last Leaf

Waste Management