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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

School Literary Club Activities Till Mid-Term 2017 - Darla MSS

    Literary Club Reports 2017
    1/4/ 2017
    The club members unanimously elected Kamala Sharma 10C and Sagar Sharma 9A as the club secretary.
    The meeting was used as an introductory. The aims and objectives and activities were planned for the year were briefed to the members.
    The members then introduced themselves to the other members. Some of the even shard some personal experiences. They were also encouraged to talk about the expectation from the club. This was done to encourage them to talk freely without any inhibition.
    Aim: To help the members to enhance their skills and nurture their literary talents.
    1. Conduct club meetings as per the schedule in the school policy
    2. Carry out the activities planned for each club meeting successfully
    3. Encourage the members to show interest in literary activities and thereby enhance their aesthetic sense
    4. Encourage the club members and through them Encourage the club members and through them the other students to compose literary articles and maintain the literary board.
    5. Help the members to be competent in their awareness about the current affairs and GK
    Sharing of experiences through verbal and written medium
    Cross word puzzles
    Word games
    Instant creation of story
    Book review
    Free writing activities
    Block Plan
    Week 1
    Week two

    Cross-word-puzzle/preparation for the literary activity

    Creation:poetry, story, etc
    Vocabulary game

    Tongue twisters/vocabulary

    News sharing
    Spelling game/word game

    Explaining quotation
    Free writing

    Word creation
    Grammar game

    The club activity was coordinated by Bishnu Maya-XC as discussed early. She divided the members into two groups and conducted a quiz on various subjects. Many of the questions were related to our school. She had come prepared and members found the activity really interesting.
    We also did some tongue twisters to enhance the pronunciation.
    22/4 2017
    The members were given a ‘crossword’ work on and enhance their vocabulary. The most difficult ones were suggested to them. The members showed great enthusiasm in solving the puzzles.
    After this activity, they were also given time to share their own articles(poem/story) with the club members.
    All the members were present.
    The meeting was held at 3pm as usual. The students were presented an activity on ‘anagram’. The members were requested to rearrange spellings of the given words and make newer words with clear sense. The activity was appreciated by the students as it turned out to be a very interesting one for them. Tshewang Dema of 9 and pema tashi of 7b were selected to design and activity for next club meeting.

    The activity was organized by ms. Tsewang Dema of class 9. There were two activities – quiz – based on history of Bhutan, and debate.
    Quiz competition was held, in which group 1 was declared as winner. The winning team scored 31 points and another team scored 12 points. There were twenty questions in total. Thus, the activity was held successfully.
    For debate, which was on the topic, “Is Money Important the Education,” was written on the board. Each team was asked to come with supporting points in the next club. For the motion –team 2, and against the motion – team 1.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Je Khenpo and Blessing

Gedu Moelam Choemo

A blessing or bestowing is the infusion of something with holiness, spiritual redemption, or divine will, long life. "To be blessed" means 'to be favored by God'. Blessings therefore are directly associated with God and come from God.

A blessing is very important to rid off negative things from our souls and bodies. We are immersed in a culture filled with negative attitudes, offensive language, violence, and insolence. The very air we breathe can lead us to feel cursed or that something is wrong with us, just because of the environment we are exposed to and the judgments others make against us. False judgments against us are like curses and can affect our health and break down our immune system. The potentially negative physical results of people who live under false judgments is extraordinary. We are not only under the curse of judgments placed on us by others, but we may also tend to judge ourselves harshly. When these self-criticisms are excessive, we need to recognize them as being like curses and break them with the authority of God. So when you consider how much people are bound up by judgments and curses, it's easy to see how desperately we all need blessing.

The Moelam Choemo in Gedu is a yearly religious congregation for a week, and the fact it happens once in a year shows how important Moelam Choemo is. Like last year, Darla school gave a Tokha(lunch) to the public and the worshippers on 18/10/2016. But this year, I was taken by surprise, as the school was not given a day’s off for receiving blessing. I heard our Je Khenpo will conduct last kind of ‘Tshewang’ blessing to the people here. Distant schools like Arikha, Pashikha and others called off their classes for the day, but it was SAD that Darla school (so near to Gedu) had a normal classes. To tell the truth, there were grumbles especially from our faithful students and teachers devotees. That normal class didn’t deter many from going to receive a blessing. The head of the school called an informal meeting saying that any teacher willing to go can go for the ‘wang’. And that was a real headache; almost all teachers went leaving students behind in the classes. And that didn’t daunt students too; almost all students went saying that their parents were waiting for them. And the result, the school went haywire with few teachers and students. It was a pandemonium!! I really wonder why our school was not called off when other school had. I really wonder if we can promote religion (tradition and culture) when important functions like this take place and we are not allowed to attend it. I really wonder if this is the reason why Darla community has large number of Christians. REASON!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Week 2016

Every year Darla school observes Reading Week, and this year too, the reading week commenced from 12th to 17th September. The school organized a-week long series of activities to enhance reading and to understand the importance of reading and the infinite benefits it facilitates in their growth in academics as a student and as a better human in their individual and social life. The theme of this year’s reading was “Dream Big, Read More.” During the week some special reading activities like readers’ theatre, selected reading, random reading, mass reading etc were initiated so as to facilitate opportunity for more students to take part in the reading activities and thereby develop and inculcate an interest of reading within them. Some activities carried out as a part of reading activities are described below: 

Readers’ Theatre
Readers’ theatre was conducted as a competition item between the sections of grade PP-III.  It was interesting to see the tiny tots of our school presenting themselves as little narrators and various fanciful characters in their creative costumes and attire as kings, queens, butterflies, birds etc. Their babbling speeches and sing song narrations did create an effective ambience and were appreciated by everyone.  The presentations were evaluated based on the creativity and coordination and prizes were awarded accordingly. 

Random Reading
This reading activity was conducted for students of classes VII – X to check their ability to read Dzongkha and English fluently and their preparedness and confidence to speak before an audience.  They were instructed beforehand to be ready with two passages, in English and Dzongkha, and read it out as the coordinator of the day randomly called out their roll numbers in the assembly.  The activity went well as we planned and had the desired result.

Selected Reading
This activity was for the students from classes IV – VI.  Some of the students who were identified by the teachers concerned read out either pieces of news or interesting information they wanted to share with their fellow students in the assembly. This activity was also successful though many of the students who came forward couldn’t be permitted to present their reading due time constraint in the assembly. 

A mini quiz of two questions related to books and reading was also initiated to evaluate the students’ awareness of popular books, writers and some common literary terms.  And prizes were awarded instantly to the winners.

Book Talk
As on every Friday, two students presented reviews of an English and a Dzongkha book.  The reviews are helping the students to get acquainted with the interesting books in the library and rouse their curiosity to read them.

Mass Reading
To facilitate more time for general reading, an hour was created, on Thursday, by deducting five minutes from each period.  So, after the instructional hours all the students and teachers came out to the open, settled in conducive places and read books of their choice for an hour.

We are very happy to note here that all the activities we had envisaged went well, leading this year’s Reading Week into a grand success.  It is hoped that our plans for such activities in the future will also meet with the same grandeur and success. Some stills of reading week: