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Friday, February 21, 2014

Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award from Dumcho Wangdi
Award From Dumcho Wangdi

Thank you Dumcho Wangdi( ) and Monu Tamang ( ) for awards. It means a lot for an amateur blogger like me. It took me long time to write a reply to Dumcho’s questions. I have been really busy; physically and mentally. First I was transferred and had some troubles with my relieving because of my blog post. Second, I had to travel here and there that left me exhausted at the end of the day. And the third, as our new academic has started, I have been busy with my students; preparation, celebration and planning.  As a result I couldn’t update. Today too remains same. So I will answer to your questions very briefly. Let me reply Dumcho’s questions that were posted on He asked me following three questions.

1)    Write three things that you love being a blogger.
Ans: a) Writing and Publishing
         b) Reading and Learning
         c) Comments and replies

      2) Share 2 reasons why readers should read your posts.
Ans: I write mostly about change; a personal feelings of inequality, disparity, a voice that is unheard, and critical discussions of what is happening around us. A freedom that is unsought. So I feel reader should read in order to understand general things around us.
And I write to find my voice and affirming my identity. I may be the ugliest. I may be bad. I may do wrong. But I’m here. I am here like every one of you, trying to re-shape life to become the best.

2)    Tell one thing that you always want to add into your blog.
Ans:  I always wanted to add a good design to my blog. I get a kind of feeling that is not so good when I see other blogs more beautiful than mine. My blog is an amateur design.

Liebster Blog Award from Monu Tamang

Award From Monu Tamang
Now let me answer questions from Monu Tamang. I remember asking him many questions in the class to him. He answered me intelligently. I felt fooled to have asked such foolish questions. Those questions were far below his average. Anyways, thank you Monu for nominating me. He asked me seven different questions.

1)       Describe your blog in three words.
Ans: A Wise Voice    

2)     Describe yourself in three words.
Ans:  observant, conscious, and a dreamer.

1)       What is the motive behind your blogging? Or I would rephrase my question in this way, what do you actually intend to convey to the world through your blog?
Ans: A voice for a change. A dent in the paint. The thrones of life. Writing for right. Freedom; sound of silence, and other condiments of thoughts and feelings. It is a big thought in a small word. But people misunderstand at times, the blog contains the views that are purely personal expression of author, and it may not be true always. They are my far observation and do not intend to hurt implicitly or explicitly anyone. The blog contains are for general benefits and a voice for a change. Last time, my blog has created a trouble which was not intended to be. I had to remove some contains of the blog.

2)     What do you aspire yourself to be within the next five years?
Ans: A teacher, and a teacher, and an experienced teacher.

3)      In general, how do you view at your life? You may jot down a few sentences on your attitude or perception about life.
Ans: I wrote many things about life; almost all articles published in my blog contain and talk about life. Let me summarize my latest learning from life in this sentence. In life; don’t act smart, act intelligently. Sometimes losing is winning in life.

4)     Bhutan is regarded as the Land of Gross National Happiness. How far does the philosophy comply with the real lives the Bhutanese people lead and what is your perception on this concept?
Ans: GNH shouldn’t be indoctrinated. It cannot be injected like medicine. It cannot be taught. But it can be prevailed. It should be lived in the society; compact, connected, and a helpful society which creates harmony and peace is a GNH society. The basic of GNH or any kind of religion is the basic goodness of every individual. An individual goodness is the reflection of society that we live in. Any personal happiness cannot be heightened by understanding happiness. Happiness can be also heightened by understanding un happiness. I wrote about GNH.(Follow this link to read more about why GNH is not so GNH

5)     Can you usher the youngster who would emerge as future bloggers with some inspirational lines?
Ans: Blogging helps to enhance your profession, develops personal abilities, and builds your profile. It keeps you up to date, it’s like a diary. I have been encouraging my students and people who like writing. I will continue to do so.