Tuesday, November 19, 2013

There is A Day

There is a day for everyone;
The sun will shine for me someday, like it shone for you,
Happiness will come to me someday, like it came to you,
Winning will come to me someday, like you have won,
Success will bear fruit for me someday, like it borne in you.
Everything will be different;
Flowers bloom, rivers rush, clouds disperse…
Everything will be different;
Because you never saw the same things as I see.
You were different.
Don’t be different.

There is a day for everyone.
There is a day;
You will cry for me, like I cried for you.
There is a day;
You will miss me, like I missed you.
There is a day;
You will need me, like I needed you.
There is a day;
You will love me, like I loved you.
Everything will be different;
Loves affect, pains hint, hearts melt…
Everything will be different;
Because you never saw the same things as I see.
You were different.
Please, don’t be different.

I tell you this;
Every time I was there around you
doing everything for your affection.
The same is so rare from you.
A heart meant for one
Is greeted with rejection.

I thought of us together,
But now I gave up,
I cried my tears, no one won.
Aches faded, pains did too.
Of all, I cannot think of losing you.
All I see is you and me forever,
I hold on and still I try.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Teacher is not a Cheater

I have been a teacher, and I love to (But as of now I have been doing other works more than teaching.) I have been learning to teach. I have been showing the world. I have been creating stories, poems, and minds. I have been acting to be an ethical, innovative and usable one. I have been listening, reading, writing, and speaking. I have been making rules for the class, games, co-curricular activities, and I have been a part of it. I have been a father. I have been a mother. I have been a servant. I have been a scapegoat.

Teaching is good but our system is no good at all. We don’t have a support as such. There is no support from parents, government and the society. Last time, after my studies, the Ministry of Education and the Human Resource Officers have brutally separated my family and me and placed me in different place. I heard similar stories from others too. I don’t know what good is there to motivate teachers.

I laughed at when other office agencies tell that they are busy. I have seen that they have been busying the whole day with Facebookings, chattings, gamings and making josh. I cannot kill the time if I were one of them. That’s why teachers like me are overburdened with responsibilities. We are multi tasked. We should be a housemaster, warden, matron, sports instructor, organizer, dancer, singer, kicker, baller, etc, look after co-curricular activities besides teaching. We have no time for cheating. But we are paid very low and we are only paid for teaching. Besides all, there is an indicated expectation of improving quality of teaching and education. What else could we expect from overworked, burned out teachers with minimal wages and no proper working space? On the other hand, we have been bogged down with obligations.  MoE must initiate some careful interventions before its too late to retain our teachers.

Teachers live in a pathetic condition. They don’t have quarters like other department. They live in huts (Teachers where I am working live in huts). If you look at the working rooms, tables, chairs, etc, they are miserable than many low grades servants. They don’t have computers in front of them to make notes. Teachers are deprived of many facilities, where office workers enjoy a great deal.

Less innovative and less creative heads of the school judge gurujis on the level of out-bound activities, like theirs lip services, kitchen gardening, etc, not teaching as such. There are loud-mouth non-performers who get the highest grade. The good, born and earnest teachers get de motivated at least.

To be continued…

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lemme Limp (Imported Cultures)

Lemming is a doom conformist, who blindly follows others and bring destruction to all. Are we ambiguous? Are we easily influenced? If so, our rich cultural heritages will be invisible in the lives of Bhutanese in a while, and it will have acquired new forms and meanings that will implant it with contemporary importance.

Culture is important and it has become a pivotal approach for county’s survival. Sikkim was not subjugated because of weak rulers, land or religion, but because of its flimsy cultural resistance. Sikkim had similar culture of that of brother India. So it was easy to put on their map. I think we survive because of diversity; we must maintain our unique diversity to live on happily and not necessary import other to become one.

Many of our spiritual practitioners believe that the culture as the faith to the god. They pursue and peruse from far across the borders and what they practice would have cultural effects in our country. That’s why, we mixed religion with traditions. Our culture was never and was ever a religion. The faith or belief to the god is little or no distinct to culture. The culture is our traditions, customs and ways of life. Our civilizations, ethos and philosophies are all our culture, but not the religion. We take care of culture, and by and by the religion has become a culture. Culture has dominated the religion. It is not the real religion. Suppose our lifestyle; the ceremonials, rituals and festivals are just our formal procedure, and I would like to say they are only religious conviction.

Ask anyone. “Does religion change?” the answer would be obvious “NO.” But inconsiderate thinkers may feel that the religion changes. That is as a result, our culture keeps on changing. We can’t really catch up with the culture. Different cultures will keep on trespassing in, owing to different times. What makes Bhutan Bhutanese? It’s our unique culture. It’s our unique citizens. It’s our ethos and values of our life. It’s our culture, not religion.

But in this globalization world we have brought in many different cultures and practices. Bishwas Karma Puja was not a Buddhist culture for instance. The noisy loud Hindi music is never our ways of musicking. We never decorated vehicles with appliqué clothes and sindoor on our Lhakhangs. We have a simple way of doing our own rituals, like sprinkling holy water, lighting incense sticks to the car or any object. What we called as ‘Lhapsang.’

I am concerned with this, in Bhutan some think, embarking development means embarking others cultural and traditions. Especially our young people are inclined to exploit and expose to all other values and beliefs.

Bhutanese Losars, mask dances, etc are gradually taken over by Christmas, Diwali, free dance styles and violence. Indian and Western films, songs, cultures have made our ways. They were never a mass culture of Buddhist country like ours. These cultures have intercepted and became a serious norm nowadays. People talk of GNH, conserving traditions, culture, peace and tranquility. I think being in what we have is the basic GNH of all. There is no need of adopting ideas in cultural and spiritual heritage simply because they come from developed and powerful countries. We have rich values in ourselves already.

This month is the month of festivals, crops are being harvested, Tshechus have being going on in many Dzongkahgs, Coronation Day celebration, but nothing would be most enjoyable than Dausheri to many people. It is celebrated everywhere, in the school compound, in the street, in the village, everywhere. I remember people dancing to the Hindi music, getting drunk, and shaking like Shakira. Everyone would laugh, and all would enjoy. That was the happiness. We get happiness from others’ values which are not our internal happiness.

For a few days now, a singing of Bailoram, Dausheri almost knocked me out from my peaceful sleep. The distant song of Dausheri reminded me of picturesque scene from some sorts of Ramayana film I watched. I barely could open my eyes, as it might be midnight. I slept thinking, ‘Why is Bhutan only India? And why is India not Bhutan?’