Sunday, June 30, 2013

Give, and you Shall be Given Kick.

If you give anything free, you will be misapprehended and wronged some day. I have learned this, that, free without heart kills. DPT is right in some ways. Go on banning Druk Prohibition Party (DPT), if you win the next time.

Sometimes, religious philosophies mislead you. Say the religions, “Give, and it shall be given to you (Luke 6: 38),” “Give to those needy poor (a common Buddhist saying),” and etc. The truth is everyone needs; the rich needs to get richer and the poor battles with wealthy.

Give. I bet these human species will not give you back. They have learned to take and forget the good deeds. I have never heard anyone who has got so much free just like that. This freeness creates misapprehension in relationship as well. Because of giving, I lost many people in my life. One was my relatives, whom he had smilingly borrowed Nu.10, 000, but later he stopped talking with my family. I have many grave experiences in my life like this. There is a boy. This crook has a grouchy mouth and has a habit of showing very bad behaviors. I taught him free for many times. I expected nothing, but I was afraid of kicks. Bhutanese has a saying, if you raise a horse, you will only get kicks. And the next time he asked me again. I have a work too. He became so dependent and so lazy that he couldn’t even read a single line from a book. The more I tell him to learn and improve himself, the more dependent he becomes. He wouldn’t listen. That’s how he gets angry. Now, I am considered mean and selfish, and he gets me wrong, and I get myself into a most awkward predicament now, and I was in problem, not he, at times.

Last time, we had a guest lecture, and it was free. Nobody attended it because it was free. Free seems to be worthless sometimes. Sharchops word for free is ‘Tongpa,’ and it literally means nothing, an empty. You have got to think on this.

This freeness has become an impediment to a peaceful life. Everything in life doesn’t come free as we think. Everything is cost effective. Its do and get, pay and receive, not all the times receiving. Learn to give back. The receiver becomes lazy and dependent. The Buddhist teaching says that to reach an enlightened state, and if you want to see the door of the heaven, one mustn’t search for and receive free, but submit to get freedom.

In giving anything free, I feel we must take into some considerations, which I have listed as per my own experience.
1.      Why do you give free?
2.      How to give it?
3.      What will be the consequences?
4.      Future position?
5.      Only give it for twice or thrice, and you will know the person. If you do every time, you are a fool.

I support DPT for their forceful and valid way of banning many things to bring to a right track. Go on DPT. And PDP (People’s Deadly Party) farcically gives deadly attacks and deadly promises to kill DPT’s banning. Here is a small, a favorite joke of mine, where the Prime Minister Jigme Y. Thinley (JYT) proudly declared in one of the gatherings before 2008 election in Nanong. He said that there are three ‘JIGMEs’ in Bhutan, in which the country may not function if one went missing; the BIG Jigme (the king), the Small Jigme (JYT), and the Smaller Jigme (JD). The survival of smaller Jigme makes me laugh. The smaller Jigme survives life beating his goat skin coated Dramyang (Bhutanese guitar).

An autocratic statement by JYT to Bhutanese media was really, strikingly strong.  (Click for more info. The Bhutanese). He warned media house owners and also accused the media of creating disharmony and spoiling the country’s image. The DPT President said, “I will not leave you.” I am with him. The media will become strong. Facts and concrete proves will be reported. The freedom of press doesn’t mean that they have a freedom to give false information or news to the public. In a free society, and especially democratic rule, we should not take offence at our beliefs or wrongs being criticized. That is the hallmark of a healthy vibrant democracy. Though, censorship and banning is the character of totalitarianism. Yet some standards of totalitarianism regime must not be allowed to drop, if so, that would bring hatred and stifle the very liberal ideas of vibrant democracy. The cost of freedom comes with the cost of sacrificing another.

Some media must be banned to have humane lifestyle in the society. Some harmful social media like Facebook, Omega, etc, kill times, distract life, erode culture, and direct a false life. Chinese had banned many such media to bring goodness to the country. We too can live without some of these harmful channels. If we can ban, we are moving forward, not backward; to a civilized; a culturally and socially attached life. Banning Tobacco has a significant benefit, and it was a right move. Ban. Ban freedom to understand what freedom is, and to value freedom. Ban.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes, to kill time, I write whatever comes to my mind; jabberwocky.  The below is the product of nonsense thoughts. It almost killed me, when I read it.

A man adjusted his bow
And was trying to shoot a crow
The crow scoots away that made him sad
But the crow was very glad.

Coming out, he shouted with a rage;
There was a lonely hill sage
“Today is not your day,”
And he called him, and continued. “Let’s pray.”

The angry man with much despair
And said he, “Life is not fair,
I have to fed my wife,
And she will cut me like a knife.”

The fair sage gave a sudden smile
And thought for a little while
Said he, “To fed your wife, you don’t kill,
Send her to me in the hill.”

The surprised man shouted on his face
And in-between them was a little space
And said he, “You dirty oaf,
Crow is my wife’s favorite loaf.”

Saturday, June 22, 2013

No Reason

His eyes are on fire.
What is this nonsense desire?
Near her, a man stands;
Jealousies, pains, itches; creeping,
What is he whispering?
So near, he stands.
Wish he is dead,
Before he wakes from the bed.
He has no reason to say,
But if he could he wants to flay!

She talks softly,
And also she smiles.
Why aren’t you the same with him lately?
It is vile like biles.
You paw like cat,
And he can smell rat.
He has nothing to say,
But you treat him like clay.

Some people don’t know what love is;
Love is nothing.
You love someone without reason.
 You simply love something,
 But in reciprocal you’re in the worst season.
 Some people don’t know what jealousy is;
   Jealousy is love for someone.
It says, you’re better than anyone,
And you’re being cared the most
You simply resent with no reason, at the most.
 Some people can talk so much good,
 but have no basic understanding of what is love.
  They simply ditch away like a piece of wood,
And with the smallest thing, you get hurt in love.
 Some people have no good heart to know about love-hurts.
They simply cry without understanding much of what is hurt.
They simply put full stop in love,
And suffer from the lack of love.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Fresh memories come back
of the path we sauntered,
It was the days of delight with you.
I cherish, and live in the memories,
And the rest, I leave to the God.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Worst Win

The second term MP election is about a few weeks, and people, by now, must have matured the politicking canniness, shrewdness, and tactfulness affairs like that. The voters should have some qualifications of a right person already in their minds. People had very good choices. They had four parties in their hand. And hope they selected the best two.

With powerful and influential candidates, people’s mind were loaded and taken over by DPT in 2008. That was good. People’s choice was right. DPT ruled the country with much peace and happiness. They brought development to many rural sides.  On the other hand, DPT taught Bhutanese people the value of money, and this is good. Bhutanese by nature were spendthrift and didn’t care much about balance and saving. The financial crunch did. It was a blessing in disguise.

Now the two political parties’ promises look lofty and wonky sometimes. If their manifestos were to come true, every Bhutanese needn’t work. We will be spoon fed. Government budget to each gewog, health centre in every chiwog, community based services, blacktopping farm roads, 100% job, etc and etc.   

But, if lessons were to be learnt, there were scores of very bad examples of the elected members who have joined the politics for the love of power and money. A few of them turned out to be worse than statues, stealthily, filling up their stomachs. Some have even bought three or more bull dozers and excavators and are running business in projects like Punatsagchu. A few of the elected members had used lip services and faked promises to garner votes. People knew. These types of malfunction especially by ruling party will downsize our small nation.

Bhutan didn’t know much of these would happen in the 1st election. Now people know; there are tensions lurking between the horse and the bird; there are blame games being played; there are differences, and trying to come to a common conclusion. There are talks in every small gathering and sorts like that about choosing a leader of good heart, responsible, capable, understanding, etc. The group, who needs to remain apolitical, civil servants, are by name only, they are the most politically active in the faction of the society. They influenced the voters the most. The majority of voters think that educated people choice would be right, not going by grassroots need. And similar is the case with the religious body. In the name of religion, religious anti-political people become very much politic. For example, to conjecture to the people that if anyone votes for Mr.X, he/she will bring good luck, good power, good things, etc to the place.

Politicization is important therefore. Voters shouldn’t be moved by any shaft of hope. People must, by now, also know that the individual mustn’t decide the candidate, but, rather it is the responsibility of people coming together and deciding on their representative. Democracy is sometimes described as communities of people coming together, and it imagines many voices pouring into a unified whole. Democracy should permeate the world beyond politics, making itself felt in the ways people think, speak, work, fight, and even make forte.  No nepotism, no relations, no bribery, nothing, but selection through collective decision is the true principle in democracy. Because it’s for the greater goodness and well being of the whole, not an individual.