Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Payment is NOT Enough

The salary I get by the end of the month is finely calculated and split. There are times when a meager salary cannot make a day stay in the account. It’s good it doesn’t occupy a space in the bank. By the end of the month, the credit would amount to nu. 10000/- or more leaving still in debt. I hardly get nu. 13,0000/-. This is how money splits in a month.
1.       House rent: nu. 2,500/-
2.       TV bill: nu. 300/-
3.       Electric bill: nu. 100/- plus
4.       Car petrol: nu. 1,500/- or more depending on the emergency
5.       School collection: nu. 500/- or sometimes it amounts to more than 1000/-
6.       Miscellaneous donation like religious purpose: nu. 300/-
7.       Visiting sick people: nu. 300/- or more
8.       Visiting relatives: nu.300 or more
9.       Veggies, rice; foodings: nu. 3000/-
10.   For a child: nu. 200/-

The salary I get now is nu. 13,314/- after a heavy loan deduction. The meager salary is not really enough. The expenditure escalates more than what I receive sometimes. We don’t have any money left for holidaying or such extra income for any kind of family trips.

This is a little bill of a rough calculation incurred in this month and is prepared by my wife.

And this donation comes frequently.

I really feel that teachers and doctors/hospital staff have to be paid handsomely, because services like teachers are ‘sitting penniless on a beach job’; no TA/DA, no training, no outside tour, no nothing. Only a dry and meager monthly salary. I hardly know how to fill up TA/DA. I sometimes don’t know what TA/DA stands for.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Darling, Be Daring

I write this poem dedicating to my new blog titled, ‘Darling, Be daring.’ My previous title was ‘a wise voice.’

On the way, when everything is dark
The long nights confuse you
And when you are frighten
Be daring, darling
There lies a hidden hope of tomorrow

When words must be the storm
That could break your ribs
And you become numb
Be daring, darling
You let them go

When life is getting you down
with one little unfulfilled thought
That will packed up everything
Be daring, darling
There are so many options in life

To keep standing firm
and to keep marching on
Through these twists and turns
Be daring, darling
Live in a path of hope

When you cry out everything you have felt
hoping that someone will pick them up
to the truth is, what I say
Be daring, darling
Hoping one day somebody keeps your wise voices