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Friday, November 27, 2015

TA/DA Rush

Teachers outnumbered civil servants in Bhutan. So, when small opportunities like invigilator duty come, there is rush.  We had selection for invigilation last time, and it was lots of hullaballoo. Everyone wanted to go - when it was time for getting, but when it was time for work, nobody wanted to do. This is the nature of human, and the nature of (especially) Bhutanese mentality.

I didn’t go for now seven years, and when I tell them, they have many reasons. I have my stand too – many, in fact, but they wouldn’t listen to my stand, I know. I remain silent. And it is better, everywhere. To voice a voice is different here. One is treated like a bad criminal. SHIT!

There were some criteria, and these criteria are meant for breaking. Only a few follows, and most of the time they were broken by the heads. There were some teachers who got even if they didn’t qualify for any criteria. Within the same year they went out with lots of TA/DA, but that same teachers qualified the game. I don’t understand, if it’s due to their sycophancies or some sorts. And it’s unfair.

I have observed that opinions and suggestions are never respected. They are taken as negatives and often sailing against the current. Opinion is respected in the western countries. But here, it is taken as aggressive, and negatives, and look down. I feel, to improve and better our relationships, it’s very important to listen to others. BUT who listens is another question. EEERRRR!