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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Small Oeuvre

I am a self taught writer, and therefore, self acclaimed writer. My world is between fantasies and the real me. I have been trying myself to write, and most probably for my own satisfaction. I kind of develop satisfaction when I have completed my little ideas in writing. I have been maintaining my creation from class VIII, and so I have so many amateur articles. I have seven or eight exercise books as of now, all filled with so many stories, poems, letters, songs, etc, and all of them have been my solace, a true friend. Some of them are quite shameful to read now, as they are very tender, substandard, and at times shoddy as they have faltering ideas, language, grammar, all immature ones. They are really infant. I am no better now. I have sent some of those articles to our newspapers, and they were kind enough to publish my articles. I was also awarded many times for my creations, that encouraged me further. I also wrote many anonymous articles, most of them complaint letters, a few others. I have those few articles published in newspapers photographed on this blog. Many articles were misplaced. These photographs are dark as I shot in a dark room now.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Many Little Stories in Mysore

A bird eye view of Mysore

One place to visit once in a life time as an ardent follower of Buddhism is Mysore the sore cleanser of the life. It is one of the centres of religious discourses and higher studies. Therefore, the place is much worshiped and well known. The golden temple is the main attraction in the locality. Popularly established by the late Penor Rinpoche, the greatest Tibetan saint and lama, the monastery holds hundreds of monks, thousands of devotees from across the world. Though, the Nyingmapa sect of religion is much practiced, but there are many other monasteries in an around; like Dalai Lamas, Shedras, nunneries, etc for assorted group of people.

It was three of us to stay there for a night. Our visit was mainly focused on to see the late kudung/body of Penor Rinpoche. Not only we were sanctified by the sacred kudung, we also visited many illustrious temples. Our Lopen, who was known to junior Sangay explained every significant histories of everything. We were impressed. Everything had a story. A small stone displayed was said to be the heaviest that no one could lift. And there was grief stricken, very crossed/crying Guru Rinpoche, and there was depiction of the helland it went on. It was only a chorten a wish fulfilling chorten that most of the people circumambulated. There was a story behind this, like everything. Visit and know. It is worth.

Monks were not supposed to eat meat, but it killed me when our guide monk comfortably ordered chicken kabab. I felt pain in my stomach. I was really in a wrong place to order chicken myself in front of him, instead I ordered mushroom Manchuria. Sangay instead preferred onions slices than chicken Kabab. We told that sangay should buy kilos of onions from Mysore. True. With the change of time, we like different things.

And Tshering is no ordinary guy, a person who in the beginning was the most on the go, sleeps in reality. Tshering got a kind of sleeping diseases upon reaching Mysore. Tshering didnt talk much, because he had sore on his tongue. I told him not to kiss too much. Our guide Lopen told us that one gets impregnated by sleep, or freshen our mind, because of the power of the religious sanctity. I guess, Tshering had been carrying all religious holiness and sacredness that made him so tired and sleepy. He slept a day, a night. I was like cock, every time waking him up to go and visits monasteries.

And there was a group of girls, who had come to see monks in the monasteries. They were having good time with monks, supposedly trulkus. Yes, now about trulkus, one of the monks told me that Mysore is the factory of trulkus. Hundreds of trulkus are just trulkus. The late Penor Ripoche being very compassionate and humane accepted whoever came to him saying trulku. Even if you have gone declaring yourself as trulku, the Rinpoche would have recognized. This was what some monks told me. No, I dont want to also. I said to them. I have seen so many fake trulkus walking out with unimaginable things; money, women, rape, murder, etc. I told them. The good example was what we/monks had seen just in the monasterys guest house, a moment ago. Trulkus were sleeping in the same room where a group of girls were sleeping.  Why do women like monks? It really burns my eyes.

And Tshering had a headache every time someone talked about how unfaithful some women were. And with his headache, he went to sleep, peacefully. It killed me.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Dead Days

Except for a little travels, I had have been having a long break from this mundane world, the break was not as mundane as it should have been and til now, I am still enjoying the break, I will drink the life to lees. I had done nothing productive. I just wanted to see how life passes without doing anything and the life did passed. I didn’t have any big thoughts, dreams, works or projects in my mind. It was simply empty, and I wanted to make mind as empty as a new born child. So, I slept, ate, drove, watched television, talked, drank and did nothing.  Useless it may seem, and it was so. The truth is there is nothing meaningful as such as we think. Everything is useless as stink food. Time passes, life moves on to decay. Nothing exists.

The weather outside was very cold but not so inclement. Time to time, I went outside and watched snow capped mountains and took photos. It was beautiful. But the nip in the air was it; I have to rolled up inside the blankets or be seated near the Bukhari (Bhutanese heater/fire) all days. Winter is cruel and it is rightly said. My son and I have to fight to keep ourselves warm. Most of the time, he would have fully engaged in playing games in the computer. My wife exercised with her kitchen chores. I assisted her a lot. She would bundle up inside her several clothes. She would have worn around seven to eight shirts and a jacket in this time of the year.

There is a kitchen garden near our kitchen. It has some vegetables, mostly radishes, broccolis, sags, big turnips and coriander. It is so natural product. Now we love natural, everything from nature in this artificial world. That is what we cared.  I dug the garden and even extended it. Even after extending the garden, our garden grew into a size of not more than spacious bathroom.  We sowed seeds; maize, beans, cucumber, potatoes etc for the coming months. Hope to have a bountiful harvest from the red soil. Yes, soil was as red as rose, and we needed to spray dung as thick as finger nails. So we got different dung; cows, chickens, horses to have a bountiful harvest. Let’s wait and see. Hope.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Car Named Desire

Are you a mobile freak?  Do you change your mobile frequently?  How many mobiles do you have? Are some questions many people are asking these days.

Nobody would deny that this is an electronic age. We are living here. There are a lot of new things which have made our life so simple and easy going. Mobile phone is one of them which can be seen as the most used present day phenomenon in this fast growing time. Mobile phone is a revolutionary step in the field of tele-communication.

Now there are many branded mobiles for people. There are different varieties of Nokia, you have Samsung, 
you have blackberry, and you have iphone - iphone five-the latest.

Last time, my friend bought iphone4, which was quite expensive but utterly useless to me, though it has so many facilities. I am not a kind of mobile freak. I don’t really like mobiles. We must remember this: Using cell phones too much is harmful for human's health and can increase the risk of brain cancer. There were many times, I didn’t even carry mobile for months. Simple Nokia is enough for me. I can call with it anywhere around the world like apple phones with my Nokia. I have my laptop to use all facilities like mobile. Why need two when one is all that enough. Human desire is unlimited. The quick drop of iphone on the ground burns a year’s foodings. Likewise, I never liked gold, silver or whatever. Women love gold and jewelries. Human desire will go on if one never learns to cease. I never understand what the rationale behind people wearing gold is. There is no rationale as such for liking something and there is no reason to love; we simply love and like. I like cars; a very elegant and rich looking cars. The car I bought in 2008, Hyundai Getz GVS was one of the nicest cars in that period but now it’s obsolete.

I love cars, but my Getz has bombarded; it has become quite expensive both in terms of fuel and maintenance. It’s now six years and I think I have fed him gallows of fuel. I was trying to sell him but it was difficult with new and cheap cars coming in. I like to buy a good BMW or Mercedes Ben, and for this I think my family would have to have a piece of rice every meal. I wouldn’t do such thing for personal desire, for personal happiness, for personal gains etc. Now a thing is not only a thing. There are other things which mean a lot. One cannot deny the change in life with the change of time but when this change is over-exposed I think it’s pollution. I realize now that we must balance these two phenomena in order to create a healthy world.

My Getz GVS