Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happiness is the Gift of Life

We celebrated International Happiness Day on 20th March. To mark this, I have a very short story told by my mother. I have it here: In one urban center, lets say, Thimphu, there lived two boys; one was from a rich family and other from a poor family. One common thing they had was undying friendship, they were friend. Rich had everything, poor nothing, except his kind parents and two brothers. Likewise, the rich boy had parents and three brothers.

One day the poor boy visited the rich boy’s house, and he saw that rich boy’s family was not very happy. Each member did their own work. Brother busied himself with computer- playing games. Mother was playing card games with a group of men and other children were fighting, and the father was quarreling with mother. The house was not clean. The poor boy was not even asked to sit. Although they had everything, but they didn’t have happiness. The house was messed. When the poor boy came back, he was heavy hearted, he learnt one thing, and although he had nothing in his home he had happiness. His family stayed together happily. They shared everything together. The house was filled with care and love. It was a happy family and a happy home. The poor boy understood one thing then, that the happiness was the gift in the life, given by the god to them. And there was nothing better than happiness in life.