Sunday, May 26, 2013

Harsh Cheers

Destiny is a man meant to be.
The mercy of little aberrant and abuse
A life of worries and cares
To the end it will go, where!
Only in your dreams, you’ll see.

So self-centered is the humankind, full of hunger?
Considerate only of his own control
The rich have fun and poor beg
It’s too disreputable, why category?

You’re as astray as this eerie denizen is
You don’t know why you’re  send here;
It’s under lock and key
True to be fated?
This life and you at times must rework.

Some of religiously deluded
And provoke others
Messing up sans benevolence
The faction in the name of god
Horrible way; everywhere is treacherous.

The war and bloodshed, destroying life
Starving beggars and homeless people
The white is white
And black’s meaning is lost
The sound of horrifying news persist
And anytime it will be in your door

We are fenced in with aggression
When our lives itself is bloated of endurance
Should we visualize humility?
Well, as thriller: the world and life!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Courage kills

He is the man I like
But people look at him in dislike;
For his domineering behavior
When trying to be a savior.

He saved our village from the Kyeshe contest
As his hostilities were unwontedly the greatest
The relation of two villages were made into the toughest
Bringing his personal image to the highest.

He was called by many names;
Teingyen Wugpa and Tiger were usually carried like flames,
Wugpa dropped school after some brawls
In which he made teachers to crawl.

I can say he is the courageous man
Because of his courage, the family name now demeans;
When the police caught him in the jungle
For the theft, his life now bungles.

Going inside the Lhakhang one night
And the live-size Ku’s blinded the sight
To raid he wasn’t afraid
The old precious Kus for his life’s aid.

The police whipped him to death
The blood rolled on the earth
Effect he had none
As he only said, I was only the one.

Were the policeman lazy?
Or the policeman crazy?
For he was tied his both hands
And not allowed to have even the slightest bands.

The captain of the war, a bold man
Done the boldest, never before had a man,
Did, what ought not to do
A good man attempts to do.

Kyeshe: fight catching waist. Like wrestling.
Lhakhang: Buddhist temple.
Teingyen Wugpa: deadly owl.
Ku: statue.

The poem is a true story of my man. Nobody dares to do bad things in a bold way like him. Inspired by his boldness…

Monday, May 20, 2013

Names’ Matter

Why is Barack Obama called Obama?

Name is not merely a name. It’s not only use for identification and identity. Name, however, truly shows personalities and attributes of a person. Name means a lot. I would like to recall those typical names.

There was Nagchung (Sharchop: black), whom I met in class seven, who had black face and black heart.
There is Zangmo(good), who does all good things for her own benefits… eh…to others.
And there is Gunda Raj(goonda king) from India, who does all goonda things
And Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth), who always talk all ills about good queen Elizabeth
There is Phenchung (helper), who speaks about others and fills his own pocket.
And Dangpo and Mottay(fat) are really fatty dangpos.
And you know Towpai (cow’s name) face looks like the shape of a cow’s face.
Samzang is the person of good heart and full of religious conducts. One of my characters in the book is also Samzang who is beguiled by Ratu, the Tatu(naughty) in the book.

All these bad –sounding names are not named now. Many people like to have westernized sound names, for Bhutanese there is Sonam David Backhang or popestar Jackson Dorji or Sara Chokiss. Nowdays, many Bhutanese names are combination of rich celebrities around the world… for example, Jigdrel Uwang Cheks (JUC), a bit difficult to pronounce to a typical Bhutanese people. One name or three names, a person still remain as who she/he is, OR does it have some force in these powerful sounding names. Well…It has for those modern-likable people.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What is Religion?

The world of illusion;
Undefined of, I provoke, delusion
Some say it is the fount of aggressive,
Sans description in the compressive.

Apostasy too a nihilisms pinnacle in crime,
Shall never trek to nirvana
Alienation of suffering we wanna,
Elicit in the land of joy and manna.

It stipulates mother of samsaric desire
As detector, won’t lavishing a mare,
Religion by whom it is detests,
Deluge to labyrinth samsara fastest.

Dreamingly dwelling in mystery region,
Dedicators sin is ransom by religion,
Altruist it adores that bears mercies;
Practitioner shall lucre many fancies.

Religion counsels us to pray,
Magnitude to discard being samsaric’s prey;
It adversely advocate being parsimony,
In addition, hotch-potch the learning of economy.

Our sublime mind never realizes,
When passionately, life get summarize,
After religion’s profound knowledge life gets discourage,
Thus, for the cessation scourge.

Reincarnation of Lama, the true racy;
We worldly lover never understanding seem dicy;
Some carp religion with horror;
Forlorn that path to the heaven gets error.

Delve the indebt to virtuous,
Are the impetus instruments to victorious?
Virtuous is a next life summon;
Jekyll and Hyde miracle judge in common.

Why some rebirth in the family of tycoon,
Other in hut houses, on top homeless by typhoon;
Past phenomena give the present fruition,
Never regain by fortution.
True action commitment, reap in bliss
Peace of pleasure and joy in bliss that we shall kiss.

Note: This poem (an original version/not edited) was written by my brother Karma Dendup, 17 years ago. I didn’t understand when he read this piece to me often. But it inspired me a lot. Thank you bro. What I am now is part of you.