Monday, April 27, 2015

Earthquake is a Lesson

We don’t have to do anything. Nature does everything. A devastating earthquake in Nepal destroys lives of thousands. The natural calamities like earthquake is difficult to predict and can sweep whole humanities. Did you know that the lord Buddha’s teacher was nature? He enlightened under a Bodhi tree; a tree taught him to be nature like and natural. The ultimate GOD is the NATURE. The powerful nature destroys and creates; it leaves no stone unturned to punish sinful acts of animals like us. It tries to wipe out destroyer of nature. When the disaster strike, people flock to help each other, come and share love, truth, and become faithful. Are they when the world is normal, when tragedy doesn’t shamble us? No, I would say. They cheat, fabricate, and terrorize. Catastrophes like this teach us to love and live.

Thank god, God blessed country Bhutan is not affected by earthquake. I would like to express my deep sympathies and condolences to victims of earthquake in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Tibet. 

I would like to leave with a photo of the national flag of Bhutan at half mast to show our deep sentiments, condolences and mourning to those victims and affected by earthquake.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Khayey Poem

From Google

This poem is purely of my personal experience of remote-kind of hard, but easy-comfort and free life! Countryside was it! How I spent nights chasing animals from the field crops. And at last, at the end, animals and I would be friends in the night. Animals like deer, when I make noises are saved from the tiger.

Khayey (Sharchopa Term): Stilt hut; a tall hut made up of bits and parts of woods, poles, leaves etc, and usually made as a house for guarding farmlands.

It’s hard
Hard labors in the rains or shines
But it’s free
It’s demanding
Calculating the yields and the meals
But it’s carefree.

A Khayey is a thatched banana leaves
In which, through perforated leaves see the moon
Moon is the king in the night
Like the wild animals are.

The Khayey itself is all naturally built;
Tall poles, little poles, leaf of verities
In this nature, a human as I stand;
With an insipid fire burning near my bed.

My maize crops surround the Khayey
The tall and tilting, swings gently
Sometimes waves are just under my feet
Who protects?

Anyways, the fresh evening breeze keeps fresh
I can hear every tiny sound
The sound of all insects, and creatures…
The sound of cuckoo…
The chatting of birds…
The sound of animals rushing beside the farmland
It’s their world.

Slowly the sound dies
But my friends come into live
Not bothering whose crops they are destroying;
What I have?
What they have?
I shout, throw stones piled beside head
My guests sprint down for a minute or two.

But soon,
Alas! Loud roars roar the deep valley of forest
Animals making different sounds
There is commotion
‘My deer,’ I cried
And only way to help them from the prey
Is just to shout continuously
I expect some of them to come near my Khayey
And take refugee.
But it is two-way blockage
It is an easy trap for a tiger
And he would never leave having one
There is a painful cry of deer for many minutes,
As he drags down the valley.

Oh dear, it is painful to have my favorite orange deer
(I saw her the previous evening)
And I believe it’s all because of me
To have chase away from my field
As she came here for the refugee
If she has been refugee here
Then where is my refugee place?
The sinking thought answer silently in the night.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cluster Sports Meet 2015

Darla school is hosting the cluster schools sports meet. It begins from 16th, and it will go on till 19th April 2015. There are five Middle and Higher secondary schools from lower Chukha Dzongkhag. They are Darla MSS, Gedu HSS, Pashikha HSS, Chumithang MSS and Kamji MSS. Many outdoor and indoor games will be played during these four days. Today, on the first day, many athletics were won by our host school.  I hope other schools may not go back to their schools with all red, red faces-so very defeated! 

After this cluster meet, there will be Dzongkhag meet, and then regional meet, and then national level. I leave with some snapshots for the day: