Sunday, September 7, 2014


See that overwritten MRP. See the original MRP 50/-

The prices of the goods have gone higher than the highest mountain. Shopkeepers are charging more than what is on MRP. They have liberties to fix their own prices. When asked about MRP, they would give you a hundred explanations, making you believe, and pay their fake prices. Firstly, they would start the location of their shops, then the increases of price from their agents, and then,  transportation cost like fuel price increases, increase in taxes, labour charges, tyres charges, windshield charges, etc and etc, and they would mention the salary hike of the civil servants. They would somehow make you believe, and you come out paying and getting many unwanted information.

And this is the case in many parts of our country; the government is trying to enforce customers to pay only MRP and shopkeepers are trying to ask more than the MRP. The margin of the price from MRP has a huge difference. For example, they would increase by nu.15 from MRP or double. I am one of the victims, in Zhemgang, Tingtibi, the prices are fixed by themselves. They erased and overwrite on the MRP. It’s like overwriting on the notes, and only a foolish would accept that overwritten notes. I had to pay nu.15/- for nu.12/- a packet of magi in Tingtibi. Likewise, the prices of rice, oil, sugar, flour, biscuit, etc are overwhelmingly fixed by them. I told them about MRP, only to get those unwanted information. And this is the same here in Tala. People have liberties to fix their own prices.  And I don’t know how prices are fixed about those perishable veggies. They have skyrocketed too. I have to pinch my skin.

Inflation has caused serious ripple effects to every civil servant. They have to minimize their diets. Civil servants are sandwiched inbetween upper rung and lower rung of people. They are crushed inbetween to ooze blood from the parched or dried bodies. People try to extract as many as they can from this middle income group. They don’t sell, they don’t produce, they depend, and they depend heavily on their meager salaries. Look at those shoppers, they cheat, they earn a lot. And…

So, our goods controller must strictly ensure people charging more than MRP, and levy fine to them. If not, we have to pinch for these surprises.