Monday, December 30, 2013

Chiphen Rigphel Project Training

Chiphen Rigphel Project workshop commenced from 23-12-13 and will end on 1-1-14. The workshop is currently going on in Gelephu Higher Secondary School for ten days. There are 22 participants from two Dzongkhags; Zhemgang and Sarpang. As per the name list from the Ministry of Education, there were more than 28 participants. Many enlisted teachers didn’t turn up for this training. An obvious reason seems and some hearsay says it is because of benefit that they are entitled to get. “Teachers who are coming from faraway places like Bjokha are devoid of mileage, porter pony and others. They spent more here than what they earned here,” one teacher who asked to be unnamed said.

The participants are taught basic computer knowledge like how to use Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint and basic internet usages.   It will equip them in ICT world.

One of the resource persons, Mr. Dawa Tshering said that this project aims to teach daily computing knowledge. “We have many senior participants who have not work on computers before, but it’s satisfying that they show interest and learn considerably,” he said.

“Format painter, Excel filtering, Google drive, Wizards and some others are new to me. It’s worth attending,” said Mr. Ugyen Dorji, one of the participants. “We have more days to go,” he smiled.

Here are some photos:

A Group Pic

Dawa doing presentation
Another one
So Engrossed
And Engrossed

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Movies Move Mind

A few weeks ago in Darla hall, I watched a Bhutanese movie called ‘Acho Kelden'.  The movie is about general family issues. A couple gets divorce and leaves their children in a village, and one of the reasons seem to be the lust for dollar, as Bhutanese always are. The story narrates about an infant survival with the help of animals. Overall, the story is quite unique compared to other Drukpawoods. But the sad thing about ‘Acho Kelden’ was the number of audience turned up. I looked back and counted only 16 heads sitting on the ramshackle benches. The hall was like a ruined - a ghastly one. There were few broken benches, dusty and grimy; it was in a horrible condition. Some of them had sat on the cement floor in a chilling cold weather.

After watching ‘Acho Kelden’ and the condition of the hall, scores of questions came in my mind like: Why do most Bhutanese movies run in lost? Why is Bhutan not successful with our Drukpawood? Why are Bhutanese not skilled with better movies production? What is lacking in our entertainment?

Bhutan has rich, different and diverse history. We have so many untold stories. Our people are rich, each one of us has many things to share. Every stone, every tree, every valley, every hill, every mountain, every village has a story to tell. There are Galem and Singye in every hamlet, there is Amrish Puri, Phurba Thinley in every hamlet, there are unsung heroes. We are not short of story. But we are short of audience.

I think, we are not devoid of market or audience and people who like to watch, but we are devoid of the good places to be screened. Back in my village in Pemagatshel, villagers are hungry of Bhutanese movies. I assured that this ‘Acho Kelden’ with the same amount of Nu. 50 would draw together more than a hundred watchers.

It is said that our culture and traditions get weaken slowly  because of media; entertainment medium like TV, live shows, films, talks, etc. These media have great impact to our society, not only the society changes in their ways of thinking, they also change lifestyle. Therefore, we must choose movies to be watched. And for that reason, BIMCA censors movies. On the other hand, entertainment medium are preserver and custodians of ones culture, traditions, and customs. Movies and documentaries are great source of knowledge; not only some of us imitate the best doers, but also believe at times. Therefore, in order to reach Bhutanese movies for our hungry audience, we must have good distribution in place and good entertainment place especially like halls or theaters. Good buildings with good stages, good sound systems, etc.  It would also serve as meeting place for local people. Local people, because the good halls should be actually in every Gewog or if possible in every Chiwog.

In this way we can promote our own films/Drukpawood, and promote our own shows, etc, educating our own type of traditions. Not only that, we would be creating so many jobs opportunities in this industry. And at the same time generate lots of money. We would have less drugs users and crimes as a whole because it helps to engage them and give a second thought.

Our neighbor, India has very strong and prosperous film industry because almost all - little towns have very good theaters.

Bhutan has not many good theaters; we have in Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Samdrup Jongkha and Gelephug. But these theaters are not really theaters, they are simple halls.  All these halls lack a good sound system, the technicalities of sound and such. And the size and cleanliness of halls could put them in grade-G.

I have been thinking about our live shows, singing contest like Druk Super Star, Bhutan Star, Talent Hunt, etc.  The reality shows have been simple but simply have no quality compared to many shows. The low quality of filming, the low quality of sound, the low presentation of participants and the drab background make the shows not that presentable for National Television.

I hope our government will look upon this matter and come up with good theaters. I am ready to contribute a small amount to build good theaters in our country.

And I hope live shows will improve the quality of broadcasting and I also hope industry come up with different types of shows, like drama, skit, comedy show, etc.  Singing contests like Druk Star, Talent Hunt are good way of making money (unethical money!!!) without quality participants/singers.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Voice For Change

What is the freedom of speech? Do we really have the right to freedom of speech? The BCSR rules ruled out the freedom of expression. We are not free as we think. We are pressed into a silent dark world of tight rein. Controlled freedom is no freedom at all. A society devoid of freedom of expression is the society of camouflage, confidentiality, corruption, and hatred. If we don’t have freedom of expression, freedom to say rights things for wrong doers, if we don’t speak against it, where is the development? Where is the space for growth? What is there to fight for your rights then? Why is there bigotry in our close society? 

We don’t have absolute freedom as such and it is not necessary to be also in any country.
I have some excerpts from BCSR 2012.
3.2.7 A civil servant shall maintain confidentiality of official information and decisions. A civil servant SHALL:
i. Uphold the duty of confidentiality at all times.
ii. Be as open as he is required with his immediate official colleagues about decisions and actions;
iii. Restrict certain information to protect wider interest; and
iv. Maintain confidentiality of information discovered in the course of duty, both while in service and after separation. A civil servant SHALL NOT:
i. Disclose information to an inappropriate person or system;
ii. Share information with anyone including his family until it is brought to public by the authority concerned or an authorised person; and
iii. Use information for personal gains.
3.2.8 A civil servant SHALL NOT:
i. Criticise or undermine policies, programmes and actions of the Royal Government in public and/or media.

I personally feel that if we maintain confidentiality of some wrongs done by some officials/people, we are living in a camouflaged and masked group of people. What could be the consequence in a disguised society? For example, a person is being bullied in many ways by head and if it gets un- reported, and if a person is blamed for wrong doings for right things. Where is the fairness? Criticism and feedback are source of rectification and development, if so there is no rule for them. I also feel that to permit the continued building of our politics and culture, and to assure self-fulfillment for each individual, people must be guaranteed the right to express any thought, free from government censorship. I therefore, feel that there is need for change and amendment of some policies of BCSRs for better working environment and quality inputs. Bhutan has no scope to move further. We are reined.  If it is good for the people, society, country, one should learn to accept constructively.

Let me refer the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It states that: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

The freedom of speech always remains controversial. The freedom of information is also explicitly protected. We know this. There are clauses that governments may enact reasonable time, place, or manner restrictions on speech for general protections, like, child pornography, speech that incites, or the use of untruths to harm others or slanderous, religious offence, racial offence, sedition, hatred, etc, and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising. Other limitations like rights for authors and inventors over their works and discoveries, copy rights and patent are also restricted.

Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech where the medium of expression is the internet. It may also refer to the right to privacy in the context of the internet and information technology. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc are sites of expression and they are access without censorship or restrictions of the web content.

As a human being, as a thinking man, as a lawful man, as a rightful man, as a right, one must know that  freedom of speech does not  includes in any ways, to incite actions that would harm others, to speak an obscene words, and to bring threat to one’s own society. We must be mindful of what we do or say.

Note: Some of the views about are purely personal expression of author, and it may not be true always. And so they do not intend to hurt anyone explicitly, or implicitly.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

There is A Day

There is a day for everyone;
The sun will shine for me someday, like it shone for you,
Happiness will come to me someday, like it came to you,
Winning will come to me someday, like you have won,
Success will bear fruit for me someday, like it borne in you.
Everything will be different;
Flowers bloom, rivers rush, clouds disperse…
Everything will be different;
Because you never saw the same things as I see.
You were different.
Don’t be different.

There is a day for everyone.
There is a day;
You will cry for me, like I cried for you.
There is a day;
You will miss me, like I missed you.
There is a day;
You will need me, like I needed you.
There is a day;
You will love me, like I loved you.
Everything will be different;
Loves affect, pains hint, hearts melt…
Everything will be different;
Because you never saw the same things as I see.
You were different.
Please, don’t be different.

I tell you this;
Every time I was there around you
doing everything for your affection.
The same is so rare from you.
A heart meant for one
Is greeted with rejection.

I thought of us together,
But now I gave up,
I cried my tears, no one won.
Aches faded, pains did too.
Of all, I cannot think of losing you.
All I see is you and me forever,
I hold on and still I try.