Monday, May 26, 2014

A Wise Tree-Jangchub Shing

Do you watch a program called ‘Jangchub Shing’ hosted by Mr. Karma Dendup every Thursday on BBS 2? This program is of immense benefit to our viewers. I take out my time to watch that show. I would like to thank him for this show. He asks rebellious, but real-world questions. Kudos for awakening us the basic of Buddhist religion. I learned that there is a vast difference between religion and spirituality; religion leads more often to egotism than to humility, and spirituality leads more often to humility than to egotism.

Out of my unawareness or interest, I have asked him two lay man questions last time, that if he could ask for it for better illumination. My first question was; the only path to spiritual enlightenment is understanding and grasping one’s mind. We can attain this by constant meditation and mental contemplation called ‘gom’ in Dzongkha. In other words, it’s basically knowing your soul; what is the soul? Shape? Colour? Size? Empty?... To attain the level of full realization, that is knowing the soul, is the highest level, and that one can be borne in the nirvana. But, the process of identifying the nature of soul, whether the soul is empty or not, whether the soul dies or not; what is the soul? The concrete meaning of soul and its whereabouts is difficult to get from any Rinpocheas, as they say that it is a secret, a kind of not sharable, cannot be revealed. If religion is for the benefit of all sentient beings, and if Rinpochea, Lamas, and sages, are to liberate all sentient beings, why do our saviors say it’s difficult to get this? Why it is not allowed to share easily? Why can’t it be shown so that we become Buddha nature and liberate from the sufferings?

My second question was about the Buddha nature. We say every human; in fact every creature living is a Buddha himself. We have Buddha nature. If we have Buddha nature, what incline us to do the most treacherous things…? Which part of demon/inside make us to do unsolicited things? Does every creature, example, an ant has Buddha nature? If animals have Buddha nature, how can we/ they awaken their true nature? Is there any ways for animals to attain better position? For example, pigs offering bodily (meat) help them to lift their lives?

I hope he will ask the questions, which he said, he would for sure. I can’t help (with many such questions, which I am going to ask next time) but feel the questions are unfair without understanding its true intent or even its basic teachings. But however they are entitled to my views cause and based on my experiences.

So, can anyone light up on these topics, or do you have such questions hanging like goiter in your throat? If so, say it. Say it for the benefit of all. We know that there are many paths and they all lead to the same truth. But where is that path-the same truth?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Teachers’ Day

Not long ago, teachers didn’t have any designated day as teachers’ day in Bhutan. Because teachers are revered high. To know the fact, it is also not reflected in national calendar as teachers’ day. But the day is observed coinciding with the birth anniversary of the 3rd Druk Gyalpo. I remember, this day become important because of our former education minister T.S. Powdyel. He has emphasized more importance to teachers around the country. He, with his lots of eruditions, thought teachers like guru, one who enlightens. So, he used soft lips services to woo and uplift teachers without much personal supports like financial rise, and living standard of teachers. He, at the end gave all his philosophies, policies, strategies and plans that overloaded teachers and confused them more. One such example was green school, green Bhutan. It actually should be clean school, clean Bhutan.   

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Now, this present minister is dead log when it is already teachers’ day. And the trend of juvenile teachers’ day celebration is on the honk. A big honk is needed to remind once again that teachers are true builders of nation’s future. Pities are the days of teachers with lots of works. Works? Teaching, monitoring, guiding, planning (no need to write of this)……and at the end, a dry, a meager salary is his fruit of hard labors.

I would like to plea, on behalf of all poor teachers on this day to give less for less, and more for more. No teacher in the country is Lakhpati, even thousandpati, not even hundredpati. At the end, it all boils down to higher incentives. No dignity of labor, no respect, not even kind of work, nothing, but money. And it is other way round only.

I wish and thank my teachers for making me what I am today and making differences in my life. And I also like to wish all teachers: Teach from the heart, not from the book.