Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Small Oeuvre

I am a self taught writer, and therefore, self acclaimed writer. My world is between fantasies and the real me. I have been trying myself to write, and most probably for my own satisfaction. I kind of develop satisfaction when I have completed my little ideas in writing. I have been maintaining my creation from class VIII, and so I have so many amateur articles. I have seven or eight exercise books as of now, all filled with so many stories, poems, letters, songs, etc, and all of them have been my solace, a true friend. Some of them are quite shameful to read now, as they are very tender, substandard, and at times shoddy as they have faltering ideas, language, grammar, all immature ones. They are really infant. I am no better now. I have sent some of those articles to our newspapers, and they were kind enough to publish my articles. I was also awarded many times for my creations, that encouraged me further. I also wrote many anonymous articles, most of them complaint letters, a few others. I have those few articles published in newspapers photographed on this blog. Many articles were misplaced. These photographs are dark as I shot in a dark room now.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Country, My Town

I was eager to purchase the DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera), and it was my dreamed to have one. And I have this Cam about 8 months and I have never regretted the decision, though I paid a huge some of Nu.35, 0000/-

I have this Canon EOS 600D SLR with Kit I EF-S18-55mm IS II Lens camera with 18 megapixel and 10x zoom. Photography is one of my favorite pastimes, but my SLR has been, most of the time is retained inside the cupboard, as I have been busy with my four classroom walls. I have only a chance to click during celebrations and functions. I love the feel of the camera. It is extremely user-friendly and offers the option of auto as well as manual focus. The camera has full HD recording with an added feature. It has an extraordinary color and image quality. This SLR camera also has auto flash and even an option of mounting external flash for specific photography, ensuring versatile use. And there is more to it. I am new to it.

I am a beginner photographer. And thought of becoming a professional photographer, but I know owing to lots of works it has been laying in the grave. And it will for so many years. I try to click and use my photographs. I try to shoot very unusual, creative, interesting, and thought-provoking scenes and outlooks. I have many collections of such photographs. I try to send some to the National newspaper, Kuensel, which the Kuensel had published those photos in My Country, My Town column. I send some of the common but creative ones. I send it to better something further through critique, and analysis. And if you have any interesting photos, you too can send. Some of my photos in My Country, My Town are here beneath.

My Three Pics I have sent

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ultimate Almighty

Om Ah Hung Bazaa Guru Padma Sedhi Hung
Bless me, my Guru
Grant me, my wish
For I am praying from my heart.

Om Ah Hung Bazaa Guru Padma Sedhi Hung
Blessed to be born
In the land of Buddha
I thank my Guru.

Om Ah Hung Bazaa Guru Padma Sedhi Hung
Now I have my Lama
To reach to the godly nirvana
I submit for the rays to attain.

Om Ah Hung Bazaa Guru Padma Sedhi Hung
Mind of compassionate humane
The good deeds of today
Will help now and the next life.

Om Ah Hung Bazaa Guru Padma Sedhi Hung
Engaged to a dream like life
So is the samsaric suffering seems real
To you, I pray from this liberation.