Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Busy Days

This mid-year has become quite eventful; there was PM Narendra Modi visiting Bhutan, and there is ongoing World Cup, and the students are writing their mid-term examinations. And teachers too are busy doing paper corrections. And in this way, it has become saddening as everyone has to sacrifice time for mid-term examinations.

To make matter a bit light, we do group correction. We have Science, Maths, English, Dzongkhag and other departments. The good thing about group evaluation is that the works are done very fast, not only that we get to eat many different delicious dishes like momo, shaphalay, etc sponsored by respective subject teacher. This type of evaluation is good if all answers are multiple choices. It saves time; a great deal.

The bad thing about group evaluation is marking. Especially, parts like essay types or letter writing, when marked by different teachers, marks also differ. Some, lets say do strict correction and award low marks, and some leniently give high marks. And there are some who give marks just by glancing handwriting, or the first sentence, or the last sentence. I think the same is happening in BCSE evaluation in Phuntsholing.

There is no way to do comparative analysis/study of essay types or answers. On the other hand, the moods of the evaluators depend so much while awarding. These days, World Cup is going on in nights, which leave evaluators to hang throughout the night. Because of this drowsiness or hangover, the letter ‘d’ may seems like ‘b.’ So, ‘bead’ may become ‘dead.’ I am afraid we are gonna hang somebody’s life, very badly. OR, it may be other way round, owing to laziness or sleepiness, in order to do away with the correction, and make time for enough sleep, one could give 24 out of 25. There is every chance. One thing is sure, if ones favorite country lost in the match, I am sure the marks would touch the ground level.

So, it is very important to do special rituals like ‘Wangta Lungta’ to bring the best of luck. It is all unfair, one needs some kind of luck, to make evaluators affect or blind them to award good marks by mistake.

I told my students that before any venture, or such kind of difficult task, like exam like this, that they must do some kind of rituals for it. If not, one’s Wangta and Lungta will be thrown like a piece of shit. I told them that if they don’t have anyone to do such a kind of special ritual, why they call me. I can even perform for them mask dances. And the fact is; I don’t need any kind of mask.   

Some funny answers from our students:

A rough vacation he had!!!

Sentu is dog or cat???

Open your Pandora box, so that i can enter inside permanently.

You gotta make your MUM very mad...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Cup, 2014-World Cup Business

The exhilarating and escalating business is in full swing in Brazil with millions of world cup fans thronging the place. If you watch TV, most of the channels show the clips of what’s going outside and inside the stadium. Brazilian civilizations and cultures, rich Brazilian arts and artifacts are displayed just to get some bucks, and at the end of the day is everyone’s dream.

Not surprisingly, every corner of the world knows about world cup. Another world cup is going on in every person mind. The bet is going on. In my place, here in Chukha, the world cup business is in full swing. I would like to call this as ‘another world cup’; people have lots of fun making money game. The gambling of bet is in full swing. Though the prediction of which team will win the world cup is only the god knows. The gamblers knew it, but with dwindling chance. They look at the good players, but not as a team.

The quality of work has drastically reduced with this world cup. Sub-ordinates, heads and even laymen and the government servant are busy betting for their countries. Lots of fluke money is made and lots of money is gone. Works postponed and left, their mind inclined and eyes closed to the days’ works.
I think many school students will pass this year-this mid-term. Many teachers’ evaluators would just think life of an individual is not so important than world cup. With the unfinished sleep, they would go through a sentence or two and sum-up the answer, or it would be vice-versa. They would give big ‘0’ if their team lost, or to catch up the time for the cup.

Coming to the offices late and bullshitting  in top noises will be common scenes everywhere. Sinecure workers! You join any group, debate is in full swing, betting is in full swing. You could hear quarrels and noises late in the night, which cause nuisances to the neighbors, people in the houses. If it is to judge the quality of work this June and July, they should be paying half the salary; as they would have not done more than that. I heard, some even take casual leave to watch cup that is not yours in anyway.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tell Me Wai

From FB

I watched ‘Soong Na Oie’ yesterday. The movie called ‘Tell Me Wai’ (Soong Na Oie) is quite a run of the mill one. Directed by an experienced film maker Mr. Tshering Wangyel is once again with his one of his trite genres- love-story.  ‘Soong Na Oi’ reflects both sides of life; tradition and modern fashion. The protagonist, who seems to be an antagonist to his family needs shampooing his hairs badly. Phurba Thinley, a swayer and pander monk says correctly that his hairs look similar to that of porcupine in the forest. This truly reflects our youth, a kind of Korean culture adapted by our youth, in which they love it. On the other hand, the female protagonist showcases the real simplicity of village and the life in villages. So, we know that there will be infusion of these two diverse lives at the end.

One dialogue that the viewers will remember is the frequent repeats of ‘Yeid May Na,’ and the rough translation could be ‘There is something.’ The moment he speaks, he starts with ‘Yeid May Na,’ and there is NOTHING in as such. The story is all told- run of the mill and no different than his past movies. In fact, his past movies, that I had watched are far better than this one. The movie only becomes alive because of Phurba Thinley and Azha Namgay’s comedies, if not; this movie is not for elder citizens; it is a child-act-play. The movie has also many loud-earsplitting songs, which are mostly ‘I love you, you love me.’

The movie was shot mostly in picturesque valleys of Bumthang and Paro. This striking background otherwise is the plus point for viewers. You got to see greenery of Bhutan at least.

From FB

The good part of the movie is in the ending part, as it is in other movies too. The side-splitting fights and dialogues keep one engage for a few minutes, then to end the movie. And as you know, the worst become good, and good overcome bad.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Darla School Literary Club-A Voice of Imagination

An Activity in Progress

Learners should be given freedom in gathering, structuring, and assembling their ideas. They should be allowed to understand, communicate and write freely. And a proper guidance in their shifting ideas is all we need as an educator.

And so, School English Literary aims to fulfill that. As there is increased in demand for creative talent in every sphere of life, and it so has become prominent; as modern societies have grown more complex. In lieu, Literary aims to shape a man of parts in creating a wholesome human, and in calculating values of love, peace, understanding, and aesthetic values. It also helps one to model into a charismatic, trustworthy, or a well-rounded individual.

Life is a concoction and creation of…. It helps to build a vision for them to live on. So, it tries to create a home away from home with a sense of imagination. They fly in the wings of imaginative ideas.

Likewise, there are many clubs in my school. Clubs in our school are strategically planned in written with a full commitment, and they are executed properly. I believe that clubs are for stimulation, relaxation and interest when they are fraught with physical and mental strife.

Various clubs like Health, Homescience, Nature, Tarayana, Saloon, Maintenance, etc cater to the need of students. Come Wednesday (7th period), every student from class four and above rush and set aside for their respective club.  The clubs have their written, frames, aims and objectives. The activities are carried out for an hour.

The main aim of our Literary Club is to help the members to enhance their language skills and nurture their language skills and nurture their literary talents. It will also encourage the club members and through them the other students to compose literary articles and maintain the literary board. We also conduct and carry out the activities planned for each club meeting successfully. And it will help the members to be competent in their awareness about the current affairs and GK.

Below are some of our activities for the year 2014:
1.       Play vocabulary games like crossword, jumble words, puzzles, etc.
2.       Sharing of experiences through verbal and written medium.
3.       Tell quizzes and riddles.
4.       Write creative articles like short poem, short essay, short story, etc.(free writing activities)
5.       Instant creation of story.
6.       Read interesting articles; creative and imaginative writing.
7.       Talk and discuss about poetry, stories, novel, and drama (at least, they learn to appreciate, experience if not, and enjoy varied genres).
8.       Book review.
9.       Display articles on the board.
10.   Edit articles for magazine.
11.   Enact short skit or play.
12.   Coordinate all school literary activities like debate, quiz, extempore speech, etc