Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wonderla Trip

So far, I made two short trips in Bangalore: One with my classmates on 12th May - visited three legendary temples in Belur, Halebeedu and Shravanabelagola about 222kms from the Bangalore. These places were very impressive historical temples. (For more info click: http://saachad9.blogspot.in/2012/05/trip.html).
And another trip on 23rd August with some Bhutanese students to Wonderla. Wonderla is no wonder place to be if you are physically crippled and handicapped. Anyways, we were not so. We just paid re. 590/- as an entry fees, and inside all games are free! There are almost 60 different types of nerve racking distractors, which is worth playing. It is really an amusement park with lots of entertainments, from land attractions to sky attractions. There are dungeon ride, wonder splash, insanity, carousal, wave pool and lazy river for active people to name a few.

I am posting some photos with some flippant descriptions.

Caution: If you want to use the images, please ask, don’t steal.
Journey to Wonderlaaa… a snapped from the car. Country road, take me home, to the place, where I …???

So the beginning… near the wonderla’s entrance. We took our first group photograph. That guy in a black shirt is looking for a cat. Ouch! And where is meee...? An old fox…at the extreme corner. Who is that man, he is up to necking in my three beloved!!!

Aahhaa…the singing lady pig!

Can you see a hanging monkey? Don’t hang around like the monkey, it’s just water. Water pendulum.

One of the high thrill rides. It is called Y-scream. It shakes you and mixes you like masala. Do you know why it is called Y-scream? Because the clock is almost ticking to 12 below the sky wheel. It is the coming of the letter Z , the end!

Kwality or quality ice cream??? Foods in moving stalls. They say, they sale in MRP, but MRP has double once it has reached from the outside market. Cheee…aateeerrrrrsssss.

Coaster ride train tracks. This was the only game I liked the most; slow ride uphill and fast downhill ride- splashing. The journey of life is such; uphill and downhill. And this is the lesson I learnt from there, uh, so early .

So this is the wonder splash--wooden train/boat.  See me...holding on tight. We used to make this type of boats-chopping woods during cattle herding days. But I never thought it would come to alive like this.

Two and two make-s…uhah…three?... Four? …No. Let me count from the very beginning. But I don't wanna see those boys' bums!

Azzai woy! The house of ghosts. Termite coaster and train inside, but there isn’t a single live termite inside. Then what type of termite is this? Just a human termite like me and the cement termite. Can you see that stomach piles coming out from the disfigured house? The piles were taken out from the Bhutanese girls. The fact is seen of a girl's bum slashing scathingly.

Look…look…LOOK…Here are the monkeys. Who cares to look at these funky monkeys?

Crazy Wagon ready to chuff. See the barrel for vintage. All drivers would drink from the huge barrel and drive. No drink driving please!!!

Digestive system like - water plus slides called banded kraits. Looks like it’s made of balloons.But it's not.

Swisssshh…swisssshh. Fun racers and boomerang; it’s treacherous and double-edged. I didn’t play here. Everything fast doesn’t suits me at least. I’m a slow, steady…wins the race!!!

Do you know? In Bhutan, every year more than five people die from eating mushrooms? And these mushrooms would kill hundreds.

Wave pools where I spent most of the time here. You just need no energy; the waves lift you up and throw here and there.

A bird’s eye view of wonderla. Suck wonderla, it’s the place for foxy foxes and mentally loose screws!

Come on boys. Let’s fight a cock fight? The show is end.  No, says Sonam. Lets see girls...

And girls... Beautiful ladies in wonderland. I envy them. I almost had a crush on ladies. If they know that I have a crush on them, I would be crushed into pieces. Because I was never a lady's man, i am dumb founded dummy in front of them and they would mistake me as dazed and daft, who would go on staring and staring to the wrong place, hehe…

And it ends with the song, a very traditional old Bhutanese song. Aeeayaa Gasalamya Singyee Choe… and the mike, you know, see the hands, f**k you!
Cautionary note again: If you want to use the images, please ask, don’t steal.