Thursday, September 24, 2015

Senseless to Be in Senses

You see around many things, you concurred and fabricated and take part, you hurt, making you both helpless and sad. And happy and hopeful. You have sense to feel all these. But when you are separated with your senses you feel nothing, it’s an ecstasy and just a fantasy of illusionist life.


The senselessness of being
Fills heaven with rainbows.
Everything is you: life, the universe.
You will shout, sing and dance,
In the space, you occupy.

Now, be in sense, eyes wide open;
Feels the darkness and light,
Sunshine and harsh wind.
Trails of soft, iron trails,
Each denuding life.
These are invisible threads en route to
Common destination: the grave.

Books are bound, framed and forced,
Weeping, smiling they are taught naught.
Perfection and decency are treasures,
Things forgotten and unlearned.
Aging, we grow experienced, then what?
We’re pulled down to the grave.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reading Week 2015

Reading Week is organized in our school every year with the intent of helping our students understand the importance of reading and the infinite benefits it facilitates in their growth in academics as a student and as a better human in their individual and social life.  In accordance with the plan set in the outset of the academic year, it was organized from 7 to 12 of September, 2015.  This year’s theme was “Read, Lead and Succeed.”  During the week some special reading activities were initiated so as to facilitate opportunity for more students to take part in the reading activities and thereby develop and inculcate an interest of reading within them. 

Readers’ Theatre
Readers’ theatre was conducted as a competition item between the sections of grade PP-III.  It was interesting to see the tiny tots of our school presenting themselves as little narrators and various fanciful characters in their creative costumes and attire as kings, queens, butterflies, birds etc. Their babbling speeches and sing song narrations did create an effective ambience and were appreciated by everyone.  The presentations were evaluated based on the creativity and coordination and prizes were awarded accordingly. 
·         PP A
·         I A
·         II A
·         Iii A & B

Random Reading
This reading activity was conducted for students classes VII – X to check their ability to read Dzongkha and English fluently and their preparedness and confidence to speak before an audience.  They were instructed beforehand to ready with two passages, in English and Dzongkha, and read it out as the coordinator of the day randomly called out their roll numbers in the assembly.  The activity went well as we planned and had the desired result.

Selected Reading
This activity was for the students from classes IV – VI.  Some of the students who were identified by the teachers concerned read out either pieces of news or interesting information they wanted to share with their fellow students in the assembly. This activity was also successful though many of the students who came forward couldn’t be permitted to present their reading due time constraint in the assembly. 

A mini quiz of two questions related to books and reading was also initiated to evaluate the students’ awareness of popular books, writers and some common literary terms.  And prizes were awarded instantly to the winners.

Book Talk
As on every Friday, two students presented reviews of an English and a Dzongkha book.  The reviews are helping the students to get acquainted with the interesting books in the library and rouse their curiosity to read them.

Mass Reading
To facilitate more time for general reading, an hour was created, on Thursday, by deducting five minutes from each period.  So, after the instructional hours all the students and teachers came out to the open, settled in conducive places and read books of their choice for an hour.

We are very happy to note here that all the activities we had envisaged went well, leading this year’s Reading Week into a grand success.  It is hoped that our plans for such activities in the future will also meet with the same grandeur and success.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading Week 2015

As a part of reading year, Darla school also celebrates reading week this year with our theme: Read, Lead, and Succeed. We celebrate reading week every year. This year too reading week started from 7th Sep. There are many reading activities like reading theater, random reading, selected reading, quiz, book talk, mass reading to name a few. Prizes were also given for the best readers. Happy Reading Year!!! 
Reading Theme 2015

Making Ready for Reading by class 3 students

In an action

A Business is to be Noted

An important event anywhere is money. Companies and individuals business make profit. The celebration and festivities woo the mind of people to buy and try; to ask them to keep the things of the event. The World Olympic event in China or Independence Day celebration or National Day is only money. Like anywhere, the 60th anniversary has become a profit making anniversary in Bhutan. Like reading year for book keepers, the celebrations are lucrative business for many money minded people. Many groups of people came to our school bringing wall clock bearing the HM’s portrait, lotteries based on the celebration, badges, and other.

Suppose in our school every student has to buy a badge; and everyone has to pay nu. 50/- each for the badge. And today our students got the new badge with the 4th king portrait on it. They were happy to be with the king, but not with the quality of the badge as it would worth not more than nu.20/-
Badge for my class