Thursday, December 11, 2014

£500,000 Free

I received a message in my mobile saying that I have won 500,000 Pounds from Nokia Company. I don’t know where I have recorded my number to win such a huge amount. And then I received email saying me to claim the money. They want my bank account number and details to deposit the money. I know it is false, a sheer fraud. I didn’t give any, even replaying. Once you give account number and details, your account money will be drawn out nowhere. I heard there are many people who fell prey to this scam. Here is the emailed letter:
                                    Reminding notice
Dear winner this is to remind you that your prize money with our company
which is currently deposited with our affiliate bank in Thailand will soon
be declared dormant by the bank.

We urgently await your correspondence to this by making contacts to the
Bank,following and fulfilling the requirements given to you so
that you will not forfeit your winning amount.

Yours in Service,
Mr. Christian Davies
Admin Chairman
Nokia Company United Kingdom

(…………………………………………….Next email……today)
Dear winner,
This is to officially inform you that your application has been approved for payment, we have forwarded your winning information and payment approval details to our paying bank in Bangkok Thailand

You are required to contact the bank via email for the payment and transfer of your winning prize fund. Please remember to quote your approval number when you contact the bank for their easy reference.   Your approval numbers is : LUT/500/2014.


#.1222 Rama III Road,
Bang Phongphang, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Contact opening hours from Monday to Saturday.

E-mail: remittancekrungsri@
Phone Number: +66902971032
Contact Person: Mr. P. Thonglor, Director.

Respected Sir,


I write to apply for the release of my fund in regards to the winning notification that was received from Nokia Mobile Company Limited United Kingdom. I was made to understand that this sum of (500,000.00 GBP Pounds ) is deposited in a temporary Account in your Bank.
I hereby request that the above mentioned sum be remitted to me at the earliest.

For further details, please contact
Nokia Mobile Company United Kingdom

Everyone dreams about thousand pounds, but nobody would give this 500,000 Pounds for free. If this is really true, I would donate 400,000pounds for rural development in the country, and I would buy a big flat in Dubai. But this is just fraud and dream. Be careful.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reading Religious Books(NRY)

(To commemorate the National Reading Year (NRY)

I have read books, a great many books, and most of the books I have read were English literature. The books of stories, novels, and verses. But these days I have been reading philosophical books; books of religion. As my age is drawing closer to old age, and an old age is nicking in. It’s time now to prepare and practice some good things before DreyNagchung summons in his court. As a matter of fact, we don’t know when are we kicking the bucket, but kick the bucket we must. And the fact we all die is known to all.

To understand more about the  life and the death, I have read books beginning from (some) Thich Nhat Hanh’s books, Wentz’s ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead,’ Sogyal Rinpoche’s  ‘The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying,’ the Dalai Lama’s book series, Dzongsar Jamyang khyentse’s two books, and other books of Buddhism. All these books are philosophies, theories, and stories. All these books teach us to be good, helpful, and be altruistic. And this comes through lots of practice. Because of laxity, these theories have been remaining as theories; I am so weak to practice every day and comprehend better.

Today I am almost done with ‘The Way to a Meaningful Life’ by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Like his other books, this book teaches the meaning of ‘I’ and realization of the meaning of mind. I am a layman to understand all these, but as a human, a dying human, I feel it is very important to understand it. I would like to write some extracts from the above mentioned book: “When Buddha taught the four noble truths, first he identified true suffering, sources, cessations and paths, and then said: Sufferings are to be recognized, but there is nothing to be recognized. The sources of suffering are to be abandoned, but there is nothing to be abandoned. Cessation is to be actualized, but there is nothing to be actualized. The path is to be meditated, but there is nothing to be meditated.”(pg 156-157)

His Holiness also talks in ‘The Way to a Meaningful Life’ about ‘form and emptiness.’ He takes out from the ‘Heart Sutra:’ “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form; form is not other than emptiness; emptiness is not other than form.” (pg 164) It has very deep meanings. And another profound statement about the nature of mind that Buddha made is: “In the mind, the mind is not to be found; the nature of the mind is clear light.”(pg 171) The explanation to this statement was made by the Dalai Lama.

And there is a concise-15minutes read book called ‘The Path to Dharma’ published by Commission for Religious Organizations, 2012, Bhutan.  It’s both in English and Dzongkha. The short book discuses about Karmic Cause and Effect, Different lives, Virtuous and non-virtuous, and different acts, and nemesis of each act. It’s worth to know where we are going before our death.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Three Wise Monkeys

From Google Guru
People say that there is no such thing as evil and everything is good in itself. If this is true then everything is in peace.

There are these three basic commandments for our spiritual progress and wisdom called the three wise monkeys; "See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil." 

The question is what can we look at now? The trouble of turning blind eyes to others’ misconduct is not the true sign of good conducts I guess. It means "ignoring" it. It more over tells one to "refrain" from looking at things that may cause sin to somebody and not caring what the hell others do.
I think this is the time to see more, hear more, and speak more. It isn't what we 'absorb', but what we 'produce from ourselves' that pollutes our souls. By not seeing, not hearing, not speaking evil,.. then nothing of the same Evil shall be generated from us. We must restrain from watching dirty movies, uttering dirty words, or any undesired activities.

Evil has many interpretations. The baseline of all is to protect us/our souls from ourselves. Life is how you see it, I think. If you want it to be happy and beautiful, you must see the beauty in everything you experience. You read beautiful books, so that you have beautiful mind. Just like laughing Buddha, three wise monkeys are feng shui to better living.

Eddie Murphy said it best in Brooklyn Vampire, “If there was no evil you would never know what good is, right? So evil is GOOD.”

Monday, December 1, 2014

We Are the Family of RASTA

We are the Family of Bad Group

“We Are the Family of RASTA” wrote class VIII A of Darla MSS on their classroom’s wall. Instead of writing good proverbs and sayings, they wrote this graffiti. I am seeing this today, as I had invigilation duty for class VI common exam there. How careless and ignorant have we been in the school? Had I seen before, I would have discussed with the class teacher or the school administration. But I will talk about this for sure.

Rasta everywhere in the class. See, even the cello taping are of a Rasta symbol

Class VIII A students knew the meaning of Rasta, and I guess they have been following this. The term Rasta refers to marijuana and cannabis. It also refers in the street dealing drugs. Rasta begun in Jamaica and it’s a kind of religion where they belief drugs could raise them and it is the way of life which is called Rastafarianism. They consider that cannabis is spiritual to use and it cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings them closer to the God. They have a leaf of the marijuana plant as a symbol. It basically is the deadliest drug group.

Our parents and teachers must be so mindful of what children write and do at times. We must go through each letter and each word.

And this year, many drug related problems were from class VIII A. Blame it on RASTA.

And there was a pamphlet saying 'Say No to Drugs.' Did they listen.