Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Crush

Think not and say,

Who are we before?

Assuming life with many pretensions

This loneliness and longing kill slow

Going along, this assumed decorum

And of will and self- willed

Got fed up of these restraints of life

Let’s do away

Live and like.

The other day, friends told

a same, same story;

To be what you are not

As faltering, is this life?

They falter not to the small restraints

And walk a triumphant walks

Live and have

And have and live.

I told them, I’ve a crush on someone

And as a natural tendency

Shower the unnatural feelings.

They told me, think not and act more

Was the help not in their hands?

Yes. I think more and act less

And that’s how I’ve a mundane life

All is false in love

For there is nothing wrong in loving

This freak makes me weak

And I’m afraid I’ll crash my life myself

The quick and deep.

Oh! Come on dear,

For the life is a same series

 Act away from the trivial-trifles matter

And keep us going

With sparks.

Everyone will have a crush on someone, and it’s certain to human feelings; to love and appreciate someone. The poem asks the lover to get away with the decorum or institutions of what is called identity, lives unbounded from the societies, and do whatever a mind says. Sounds like Andrew Marvell’s poem, "To His Coy Mistress," to "seize the day" - to make the most of today and not put off action until tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Transitory Life

"Sometimes you are nobody in life, you have no money,

You are not successful, you are not pretty,

but you mean well and have a good heart.

People should pay more attention to people like that."  Celine Dion.

Last time, in my trip, I had a feeling of weird unnaturalness of this transitory world. There is nothing as ‘yesterdays’ or ‘tomorrows,’ as such, it’s fleeting. We live to see shifty things around. It’s difficult to pass round many kinds of lives, and to think about dying, parting, and leaving all these loving people and the world.

Some images of life that rings us hard (All photographs are from my photo albums except two from the Google).
 Live in either ways, this fleeting thing.
Sleep, for maniacs infatuate this world 
Poor man, rich heart. "Wealth and riches are illusory; show not over-fondness for them." A Buddhist saying. (Photo courtesy: Google)

Running into the midnight. "It is better to travel well than to arrive."Buddha.(photo courtesy: Google)

The nature of flower and our life is same: to stand in the rains or shines and then decay. Life is transitory, like the morning dewdrops on the grass; Be not idle, nor give time to worthless works, O Guru

"All worldly pursuits have but one unavoidable and inevitable end, which is sorrow; acquisitions end in dispersion; buildings in destruction; meetings in separation; births in death. Knowing this, one should, from the very first, renounce acquisitions and storing-up, and building, and meeting; and, faithful to the commands of an eminent Guru, set about realizing the Truth. That alone is the best of religious observances."-Milarepa

Ever transient is this world of ours; all things change and pass away; For a distant journey even now prepare. So, know emptiness, and be compassionate.

Friday, May 18, 2012


(Readers' restriction: The humor below is only for the mature group as it contents some offensive terms, and the writing does not necessary propagates nor it’s a propaganda or blames any language or so).

Born and brought up in Eastern Bhutan, and the only language I knew was Sharchokpa. I always wanted to learn others' languages. And Lhotsampa being a quite popular, I was quite excited to learn. In class IV, Bishnu Kafley was my Lhotsampa friend(and we had been friend for many years, till we graduated class eight, and we lost each other…hope, we will meet one fine day, and I will surprise him with his language). In those times, I didn’t know his language, and nor did he know my language. So, we spoke headless-legless-English. ‘Come,’ ‘go,’ ‘eat,’ ‘play,’ with various body languages.

As the chick becomes cock, I graduated from the Samtse College of Education. By then, I could speak here and there Lhotsampakha. My first posting was in Tsirangtoe Lower Secondary School, Tsirang in 2005. It was both fortunate and unfortunate; fortunate; for I was there in the place where the majority of population were Lhotsampas, and unfortunate; to live in the remote windy, damply place. Anyway, I was eager to learn their language if not, master some words and semantics orders. Great!

My students always knock me out, and they do even in my sleep now; with their beguiling faces, naughty-dirty faces, and rough-murky behaviors, wake me up.

That was the class, probably my third class, and the third chapter. And I have jumped two chapters as to start with the easiest one - that was the domestic animals. Being a geography teacher, I taught geography. We talked about domestic animals. I asked them to name some animals, and, which they did one by one. I wanted to go little further; animals and their young ones (a teacher always adds something more on the topic, and that adds the teacher’s persona and his high erudition!).
‘Cow-calf, pig-piglet, horse-foal, chicken-chick and others.’ I said.
The students gave a sudden laugh.
‘Chick,’ I told them sensing funny.
Their laughter continued.
‘Chick,’ I repeated playfully, but loudly.
By then, there was a few laughter and girls begin to bend their heads.
‘What is fun with chick? You know chick?’ I asked seriously.
‘We know sir,’ the faint voice shot up.
‘Sir, it’s a dirty word,’ a student said.
‘What is it? I want also to learn.’
‘Not in the class sir,’ the captain in the class said.

I asked the captain after the class.
‘It means sleeping together, and having sex together sir,’ he shyly, decently and indirectly told me.

I never thought I would go to that extend. It literally means f**k. I didn’t go to that class for three days. And chick was to be strictly checked, I promised them. My impatience to learn the Lhotsampa language certainly wanes from the day.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Trip

Yesterday, we (class +three professors) visited three legendary temples in Belur, Halebeedu and Shravanabelagola about 222kms from the Bangalore. These places have very impressive historical temples. All arts and architecture were made of stones - very huge stones and the smallest stones showing the rich intricate details of thousands different Indian inscriptions and motifs. There were wonderful monuments depicting religious history, mosaic, music, dance and others. The stone crafts were perfectly finished. I guess no human mortal could have done these sculpturing, there is no doubt gods and goddesses could have. Another legend also says super power kings had erected these structures. (I bought a travel guidebook for more details) The temples were built in an about 11th to 12th century during the Indian Vedic periods. Everyday thousands of people visit these temples both from inside and outside of the country.

I have taken some (packs of) photos of these museums and temples. Below are a few of them (a picture speaks more):

The view from the Shravanabelagola' s temple
Looks like Roman architecture-outside of the Shravanabelagola's temple

There are similar structures around

People moving up to see the inner santum
Stone monolithic stands rain or shine

Rock crafted stutuettes

Inside the structures...
Statues stand high watching
Belur star-shaped temple
Monkeys like sculptors casted out of huge stones

Where are we to go now?
Rows of magnificent works 

Intricate stone edifices
Roman Colosseum building like
Belur busy temple

Towering temple in Belur
In between, we sneak out to see a dam nearby
This is Halebeedu, a small part of the temple 
There are many Buddha like statues in all temples

Showing different motifs
Furious Lord
Depicting wars
I am the most handsome of all. Ha...ha...ha!!!
Singing Lords
And dancing Lords
Uh...ah...come on to the last photo
Kaleidoscope of Halebeedu's temple

And the last one isPhew...turn ur computer to see the magnificient colossal statue of Gommateshwar,which stands 58ft 8 inch and considered to be the world's largest monolithic stone statue. There are many stories attributed to this monolithic. You may Google it-the easiest i think.

The Temple of Belur, Halebeedu and Shravanabelagola are difficult to pronounced but very promising places to go. There are so many things to learn to those devoted pilgrimages and tourists, but not for a couple dating, supposedly…haha.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Long

(Readers' restriction: The humor below is only for the matured group as it contents some offensive terms, and the writing does not necessary propagates nor it’s a propaganda or blames any language or so).

I was born in the society of ‘The’ and the ‘Long.’ Much as I am equipped with these phonetics, it’s still difficult to utter these sounds and at times I wonder why these two words having similar pronunciation have different meanings all over.

 ‘The’ and the ‘long’ words can contort faces and they can be the most reprehensive to a certain group of people in Bhutan especially Sharchokpas. Whenever I have to use these words ‘The’ or the ‘Long,’ I use it with much care. Peculiar American, ‘the’ accent is very close to our brother’s slang ‘the’ and we love distinct American articulation. Anyways, I just look around to throw out these English words -quickly. If it were rowdies, we would have a real long guff-talks-no matter the subject!

 I have some kind of uneasy neurotic hunches to use these two Bhutanese slangs with my students and most of all with my Sharchokpas students (But everyone now knows these slangs, be it Ngalops or Lhotsampas or others in Bhutan). The worst part of this is that the hesitant words come out often unnoticed to the wrong people; but as an English speaking class, I shouldn’t take any blame on it.

 In one of my class, the students had got bored with series of classes and they asked me the free time.
“We have a long class sir. We want to enjoy long now.”
Were my students making fun of the word ‘long’ or was it just mockery to me as I use it often.
“To enjoy (the) long.” I flashed a small smile and continued, “Thus, we will have long break then.”
“Yes, thus, thus,” some naughty students weirdly twisted their mouth to pronounce the word thus as t(h)ues that made girls buried their heads for sometimes.

 No problem, I was forced out from the class after exchanging some quick laughter with boys - those mischievous boys.

 The ‘long’ and the ‘the’ are very derogative Sharchokpa’s terms for the male organ -penis, and as such ‘thus’ if mispronounced is a female organ.

I try to substitute the use of words ‘long’ with many others synonyms like lengthy, extensive, elongated, etc. However, for the small children in the school, the word ‘long’ has to be understood as long only and the ‘the’ likewise. These two words are also the most offensive words uttered when one is angry or in utter hopelessness.

And ‘the’ and ‘long’ are commonly used words in English.

And Take care and THE LONG Goodbye…and the next time I will come up with more other funny terms.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Cleans the Toilet in your School?

Besides teaching, the extents of teacher’s works nowadays have reach to toilet cleaning. So often, I think who teacher is, and what is his real job? To teach or to clean a toilet. And I question about wholesome education?  This wholesome education has made teachers hell. It has made teachers into bits and parts.

Dignity of labor is what many may call to clean the toilet. And model or epitome description have become quite cliché now with teachers. What students expect at the end is good passing marks. No big deal! The real imparter of wholesome education (jack of all trades knowledge) themselves are unwholesome. “Everyone cannot be whole but be a part,” was the answered from a naughty student in my class that blacken my face in front of the class when I complained about his indiscipline in the class. And this is too and this is dangerous to our society; to be jack of all trades and master of none. This is what our system teaches; to be of no specific skill but to have blunt poles that would never jab inside the soil. And teachers stories are no different these days. Teachers not only should teach, but also take off clothes and kick the ball in the wide posts or hits on legs!  Teachers not only should teach but also dance a monkey’s dances. Teachers should also sing to the loudest and demotivates pupils of singing in their future! Teachers should also dig the ground to sow the seeds of fruit, which may not grow! Teachers not only should teach but also be a guide, a parent, a mentor, and teachers are father of all, though they have fathered none.

The toilet cleaning is a new trend happening in Darla MSS. Darla is the father of toilet cleaning if it's followed by other schools. And where the hell is Darla? Darla was previously named Tala, Tala is now money grinding machine in Bhutan. Hydro electricity checks the balance of trade in Bhutan especially with India.

In 2010, out came the teachers toilet cleaning routine and to everybody’s surprised, it was an unexpected. Some laughed the foolish idea, some made funs, some didn’t want to use the toilet and clean so. So many odds and even people evolved. This pushed a day with a stressed mind.

Those thoughtless Chamchas groups just did whatever asked, and other half questioned whether it was good or bad. It being an ordered from the head, many submitted it into silence, indicating one had to follow. Head is the progenitor of all. He is considered an omniscient-all knowing, type of charlatan.

Dignity of labor is very important and the basic of all is cleaning the toilet. The huge routine was displayed (two lady teachers and two gent teachers) and there were some hues and cries amongst students. In one of my morning SUPW duty, I heard clearly some students  even talking resentfully that it best suits teachers and especially that discipline Lopen (name withheld) to clean the shit.

The fact that we have to clean the toilet was there was no wet sweeper in the school and the Dzongkhag wasn’t willing to give one despite so many unemployed scamps around. And that dry sweeper loved only dry one but wet boys!

Nobody took seriously for more than two or three months, and I guessed nobody bothered to clean the toilet except a few paranoids. Within this period the matter worsens, instead of cleaning the shit, the huge heap of shit was purposely mess near the door of the toilet and either side of the pots. It was an intentional and this matter reached to the mastermind. And soon, there was three hours meeting on about shit and it was the shit meeting--to vomit some hard, undisclosed and hidden words. Disagreement, agreement…etc…and to come up with the big solution. One-evaluation criteria will be from cleaning the toilet was to be understood by all. People must be forced in this democratic country sometimes! “This school is really becoming shit.” Our Lopen, who keeps his senses only through high alcohol, ended the meeting. The end of the meeting is always welcome and many a times I wish of ending meeting before it starts. And beware, not with this life’s ending!

The story of cleaning toilet became quite successful because of the fear of losing PCS marks. The day’s cleaner would wake up early, reach before anyone could, flush the toilet, sweep the passageways and deodorize. And when school closes, the same routine is followed. Many did and many didn’t and now I feel sorry why I malingered and absconded from this civilized work. And I, half sort of promise, when I join back, I will be the first one to go inside the toilet and the first one to come out. Haha.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Relish with Dishes

Tawa, Bamya, Dolma etc. What are these? If you have knowledge about multi-cuisines, you may know these are some of the names of Iraqi’s food, just like we Bhutanese have Ama Dhatse, KewaDhatse, Shakam, etc.

They have typical ways of preparing food. The rice is fried. It gets emollient with lots of oil and little water. Such as steam food is rarely cooked. And the curry strews up with tomatoes, lots and lots of tomatoes in Tawa and others like we Bhutanese use lots and lots of chilies in all curries. Hike of tomatoes price can’t do away with it anyway like we can’t do with chilies. The tomatoes were cut into the tiniest pieces and that too with others like cucumber, carrot, etc. The curry taste sweety-salty but delectable. The overall cooking takes very long time, almost four hours.
“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it open.” My fried Hashim repeats Arnold Glasgow, an American humorist’s saying. True.
I told my friend Hashim about our kind of food, I even made him to taste chilies, and his stomach went wild for whole night and he damned me to be borned as chili. That is another story. Sometimes I would call him Tawa and as much as I’m Amadhatse’s guy!
I have a fine-tuned with the food style of his. What I may like to called, I am ‘use to.’ One reason for this is; I have less work to do when he cooks; most of the time I just help him to peel off some vegetables’ cover and wash it. The rest he would do it all by himself. My job is to reach to a dining table whatever had been prepared and eat and take to the washing basin but most of these, he does almost all.
I eat and eat it slowly. I have learned this technique in my school days-to eat slowly! When I was in a boarding school, I used to eat slowly, let others take and go, while I would aim for another second share as I waited to finish others and go. Many times it works in the school, when mess in charge called for the second share and similar technique is what I used to eat with him, lol. “Take it, take it.” All I hear now. This technique has become habit to me and even in parties or some gatherings; I would be the last one to go and get the food.  Slow but lot and lot of quantity of food. But this is no good now as an adult; I feel at least. Last and more, and sometimes last and none. Even if it were none in school days, our mess would provide another special preparation for it.  Sometimes with butter, fried food, etc. Good that we waited. Did anyone have a technique like mine? To be last in eating and first in eating, uh ah!!!

Note: The above article doesn’t specify the cookeries or any aspects of gastronomy as I, myself is a very bad cook.