Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Darla MSS celebrates the Birth Anniversary of The Fifth King on February 21st. we had various activities like dances, pillow fights and singing Zhabten and others as a part of dedication to His Majesty, the Fifth King on his 36th birth anniversary. We would like to say THANK YOU for everything you did, and is doing to US.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back to Schoool 2016

That’s it, the vacation is over!
Extensive Cardamon Plantation at my village
I have been away; back with my lots of official and personal works; and I didn’t have even time to open my blog page, and sorry to say about others. There were many things that kept me busied. I went to my village for almost two weeks to work on my cardamom plantation. I was happy to see three or more plants sprouting from a plant. Then I had class ten evaluations for fourteen days in Phuntsholing. And it was hectic, as every person had to correct almost thousand papers. That really kept me tight and sleepy. After this, I went to Gelephu to stay for few days with my family.   

Then I had school health coordinators workshop in Phuntsholing. For six days, we were oriented on some basic health services. And then, Losar abruptly emerged near the door, and we had ‘bang’ Losar in Gelephu.

Now that February is officially here, we have to face the ugly truth  — the winter has almost ended and it’s  time to be in the school! By now, I have come up with drunken dreams, terrified hopes to change or new hopes and all those freshness over the break.

Just few days ago, I have been constructing website for my school, and it’s almost done. Here is the link: http://darlamssedu.blogspot.com/

Wish you all the best back to school!!!