Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Days

Wintery View from my House

This is the time; the time for ending; the flowers are withering up, the brown leaves of trees are felling one by one. There have been times of glory; growing, sprouting and blooming. There have been times when birds were singing to feed on fresh foods. There have been times of rains and sunshine. There have been times…  And this is the time when everything is coming to an end. Year is drawing to an end; new curtains are folding inside out. What brings a new?

Our exams are almost done. The product of a year’s learning is almost to its end’s result. Children are happy, parents are happy of their smooth sailing throughout this year. Wish them so many lucks ahead.

Winter season in most part of Bhutan is not a time for celebration, though, everybody is in restive mood. Because the chilly northern winds bundled people with so many layers of clothes and it make them difficult to move themselves. Many would remain inside their homes; circling around Bhukhuri, room heater and most of them drinking warm Ara and Bangchang. And this is the time; time to gather and talk a whole lots about year’s works and plans ahead. I wish them so many lucks ahead.

Here in Darla, it’s no better than any other place. The temperature reaches minus at this time of the year. On top, it has been drizzling for so many days now. Winds are cutting through clothes and skins making body into icy iron. Good news is that we will soon migrate to lower southern warmer part of Phuntsholing and Gelephu.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unsafe Glass Windows

Safe windows with the railings
Last time there was an incident of an accident where a boy was hospitalized because he fell from the window in Gedu. There were also so many incidents of so many children death felling from the windows.

What type of windows do you have in your home?  Is it with railings or without it? If you have observed now-a days, we have beautiful glass windows without any railings. They are like huge doors on the wall. There are nothing like bars, handrails or sorts.  Because of these unsafe windows, I have heard people breaking into houses and stealing things. Not only these windows safe for small children but also for elders. A child may lean on the window and hoops… opens up the window and trip over-dead.  I personally feel these types of windows are ways to untimely death and materials lost. They are the un-mindful devices to death and burglary activities.

Why do we build houses with such glassy windows with no bars and no protections? Do they look nice to have white windows? Some people are so unmindful that they forget to close the windows with curtains. And the electricity being very cheap here in Bhutan, we don’t bother to put off the whole night. The result, outside peepers could see happenings inside the house. Some peepers are so curious to wait the whole night to see the show.

I think our builders should think about new glassy windows without bars. The windows must not only be beautiful but also safe and protective.

Unsafe Windows without railings

Sunday, November 16, 2014

100 Years is Still 100 Years Back

Human can never know the nature of the world; its mysteries and its miracle. We can never defeat the mysterious nature, and we can never understand this. And the fact is we cannot change the nature; its work and its fate.  Everything is predestined and programmed like it should be. For example, Malaysian airplane, this has been missing for months now, and is difficult to track. How satisfactory equipped we are? How developed technologies we have? We will have to follow the law of nature. Everything succumbed to the Mother Nature.

Humans think that we are moving ahead. Our sciences and technologies are conquering the world. After 100 or more years, there would be technology that could build a beautiful house when you press a button. Everyone would have wings to fly. Everyone would have robots to work. People would become so lazy that they would be resentful switching a button. ETC…  But these 100 years is still 100 years backward. For example, we cannot create another earth. We cannot lengthen our life after 100 years or so. We cannot deny the fact, that the truth is truth, and we cannot deny the almighty God.  

Nature is so original. We human duplicate what was already there. We try to change the original natural thing, which in turns destroy. The pure gold is stained and tarnished. I think we are making ourselves complicated because we are not able to understand the basic nature of nature.  One thing we must understand is we cannot go beyond the will of any one; be it person, nature or god. We are doomed.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Exam Time

Wishing banner

Darla school exam starts today. Students are cracking their brains inside the rooms. It is their outcome for a year’s learning in the school. I wish them a good luck. And it is good for students as students will be getting a long winter vacation. And this will be the busiest time for teachers as we have to do lots of correction….alas!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Our School Caretaker

There are people who work and never complain and there are people who have nothing and still work. Such is a man in my school who works and never grumbles of anything. He is our school caretaker, Mr. Tsagay.
We know in every school, the caretaker is a very important person. Mr. Tsagay is the caretaker of our Darla Middle Secondary school. He is a very good man. He not only helps students but also shares the responsibility of running the school. There are three caretakers in the school. Mr. Tsagay is the oldest in the school. He has been in the service of this school for the last fifteen or more years.
Mr. Tsagay is popularly called ‘Aue Tsagay’ which means brother Tsagay. He is a real brother to the school, without him the school will become handicap. He wears a clean blue sleeve and pant when he is on duty.

He is very hard-working and punctual. He is always the first to arrive at the school and he is the last to go. He opens rooms of the school principal, staff and thers, and dusts them clean. He is sincere and regular in his work. He is a willing worker. He is a slave to duty. If anyone calls him for any kind of work, he would be willing to come and help.

He takes various notices, letters and other circulars from the Principal to teachers. He keeps the school Notice Board up-to-date.

He is a well-rounded person. He knows many things. Not only he takes care of the school but he also works as a gardener, electrician, carpenter, etc. He is a jack of all trades. He deserves a huge salary.

He works very hard but his pay is less. By looking at his so many works, he must be paid more than any other high-ranking government workers. He does not expect any personal reward from the teachers. Because the teacher themselves are poor too.

Last time he worked with some electric wires outside the school compound and he got an electric shock. He was immediately taken to Gedu hospital. And these days he is complaining about abdominal pain and weakness. Everyone feels sorry for him.

All teachers and students like him. He always presents a smiling face. By his loyalty and honest work, he has made himself indispensable to the school.

This is our Aue Tsagay, photo from the file