Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rains Washed Away My Happiness

Torn clothes and shabby tresses
Unpleasant dry dirt of mud stinks over the room
Oh, his bed and dear dust under it.
He sleeps on a thin torn carpet
And his pillow a rag of clothes
His Baago hut hurts him
Is he that poor?
Shedding tear has become part of his life
Tears have furrowed his cheeks.

Each day to meet maize corn and radish
Radishes have made his life
Now, can anybody compare him to…?
Has anyone dwelled like him?
With many black dots in life.

Cumulus appeared over orchard
Leaves rustled and blew along the ground
Heavy storm-
soon huge rain rained and fruits fell
The door opened and closed of its own
A rain hit for two days
The earth vomited out in the third day
The lamp went off,
 and now is the only memory
The thoughts revolve, without stop;
That was a year passed from now,
When the family was about to have food
Gone were the affections from the wife and children
Gone were the riches
Gone were the wonderful times
All buried to death; in a jiffy;
Families, things, animals, homely home
Swept and thrown away by the landslide.
The man cried and still cries…
Sometimes rains can be bad, he says.
This lonely desolation, this distorted assimilation
Is hard to feel and he breaks down.
Is he now living life in the dark?
Waiting for the death?

Things gone and gone forever
So he went near his small field
The field left by that misfortune
His hands gripped to a sped
He began to work in the rain,
And often sleeps in the potato field
Covering with another sacks
Such a dreadful life overtook him.

Now birds sing in the sky
He feels sort of sad but glad as well
The sun had gone down already
Will it rise tomorrow?
He is living in the midst;
To survive or not to see the sun
Or strive more
To swim and swing against the nature
The hopes of brilliant tomorrow
Takes him through another rough day
He believes in his age-old faith
And that’s where he lays his life.

Man creates and builds, nature destroys everything. The poem says that ultimate of everything is nature; wealth, health and happiness. The nature provides and also robs everything that you have.