About Me

I am an Amateur of Letters, a Trier and Drifter to grow Better and Nicer. I am a conscious Observer, a Runner, a Dreamer, an Eschewal from heartless, senseless Tasters. 

A voice Unheard

I whisper softly
To say words
It was unheard

I talk loudly
To say words
It was unheard

I shout loudly
To say words
It went unheard again

I write words
To say a voice
They live on

A brief history about me

The exact date of my birth is yet to be known or will never be known! My mother says that I was born somewhere in the last three days of the year of the horse. But exactly no one knows. My student progress report reflects the DOB as 27-12-1982, which I usually follow in my official documentation. I was born to Mr. Kelzang Dorji and Mrs. Cheten Zangmo in Labar. They have now six surviving children. I was the second last child in the family.

I started my early education (not so early, probably) at the age of 10 at Pema Gatshel Junior High school. After a year, I shifted to Tsebar Primary school, and from there I graduated my sixth standard. I was again transferred to Pema Gatshel Jr. High school, and then I studied in Jigme Sherubling High school in Trashigang for two years. I graduated in 1998 from there and in 2001, I got plus two certificates from YHSS. I did my B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) for three years in National Institute of Education in Samtse( Now known as Samtse College of Education). My first placement was in Tsirangtoe LSS in Tsirang. I worked there for four years and then got posted to Darla MSS, where I am presently working. I earned my MA in English Literature from Bangalore University.

I have published a book called ‘Dreaming and Drifting Drenching’ a collection of poetry and stories in 2010. It was not received well and the book itself faltered, uchoo! Now, I am working on with my next book ‘The Last Laugh’ (Title - not final). It’s a novel set in Eastern Bhutan. I hope to publish it by next year. Besides these I have also published so many articles in Bhutanese Newspapers. I also blog on: saachad9.blogspot.com

My parents are farmer in the small village called Labar. They have made their own afford to bring the whole family to a richer side in the village. My father, who is called ‘Labar Gomchen’ is well known in the surrounding villages and even far, because of his wealth and riches. My house is the first to have tin roof in the village. Not only that, my parents has sent everyone, except my elder sister to school. All these name and credit go to my parents’ hard works.

I have three living elder brothers and two sisters, one elder and another younger. They all are married now, and every one of us has job now except for my elder sister, who rails because of it and managed to set up a shop in the village.

The very bleak family photo below would show more. The photo was taken in the year1993-almost twenty years from now.
My Family in the 1990s. My father and mother were holding portrait of the Buddha and Guru Rinpoche.

 I am married to a lovely wife, Tshewang Dema. We have precious sons Pema Tashi and Pema Nidup. They are our heart and gold in life. We promised to do everything good for them. My wife is from Trashigang, Samkhar, Khapti. My best love and support come from them. Below is the latest photos of ours.
My Family Jan, 2015. Inside the house.

My latest family 17/4/2016