Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Chuzom

Last time, on the way to Paro, I sneaked out from my car for some minutes to see the Chuzom. I was defiled to see these two rivers. Do they have clear-cut and clear up times?  It’s, I would say, a big ‘NO’ and a small ‘yes’ because we human are the tragic villains in their lives. Anyways, the Thimchu and Pachu are the Phochu and Mochu of Punakha. They are the plaything and the design of God.
The Chuzom

Coming from the clear cavities
Glaciers of Tibet and Jomolhari
The calm Chus of Thimphu and Paro
Meet at Chuzom
Like lovers long decided at last.

I stand on Chuzom Zam confluence
And asked what have you brought for your lover?
As they both come from the wealthiest Dzongkhags.
They tickle a shy clatter
And move on;
Carrying the specter of urban decay and death
Stagnant slate of all sorts and sizes
Of unwanted items;
Plastics, papers, tins, rubbers, bones, vegetables covers,
All. Their faces tainted with greases and oils
They move on uncomplaining
Coming from the rich places
What have I to give you?

The two forces strengthen at Chuzom
The zeal moves on;
Crossing violence and serenities without sojourn
To the destination, they run together
Collecting what they required not,
Their only goal is to the limitless sky of ocean
Like the grave is only for a man.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wonderla Trip

So far, I made two short trips in Bangalore: One with my classmates on 12th May - visited three legendary temples in Belur, Halebeedu and Shravanabelagola about 222kms from the Bangalore. These places were very impressive historical temples. (For more info click:
And another trip on 23rd August with some Bhutanese students to Wonderla. Wonderla is no wonder place to be if you are physically crippled and handicapped. Anyways, we were not so. We just paid re. 590/- as an entry fees, and inside all games are free! There are almost 60 different types of nerve racking distractors, which is worth playing. It is really an amusement park with lots of entertainments, from land attractions to sky attractions. There are dungeon ride, wonder splash, insanity, carousal, wave pool and lazy river for active people to name a few.

I am posting some photos with some flippant descriptions.

Caution: If you want to use the images, please ask, don’t steal.
Journey to Wonderlaaa… a snapped from the car. Country road, take me home, to the place, where I …???

So the beginning… near the wonderla’s entrance. We took our first group photograph. That guy in a black shirt is looking for a cat. Ouch! And where is meee...? An old fox…at the extreme corner. Who is that man, he is up to necking in my three beloved!!!

Aahhaa…the singing lady pig!

Can you see a hanging monkey? Don’t hang around like the monkey, it’s just water. Water pendulum.

One of the high thrill rides. It is called Y-scream. It shakes you and mixes you like masala. Do you know why it is called Y-scream? Because the clock is almost ticking to 12 below the sky wheel. It is the coming of the letter Z , the end!

Kwality or quality ice cream??? Foods in moving stalls. They say, they sale in MRP, but MRP has double once it has reached from the outside market. Cheee…aateeerrrrrsssss.

Coaster ride train tracks. This was the only game I liked the most; slow ride uphill and fast downhill ride- splashing. The journey of life is such; uphill and downhill. And this is the lesson I learnt from there, uh, so early .

So this is the wonder splash--wooden train/boat.  See me...holding on tight. We used to make this type of boats-chopping woods during cattle herding days. But I never thought it would come to alive like this.

Two and two make-s…uhah…three?... Four? …No. Let me count from the very beginning. But I don't wanna see those boys' bums!

Azzai woy! The house of ghosts. Termite coaster and train inside, but there isn’t a single live termite inside. Then what type of termite is this? Just a human termite like me and the cement termite. Can you see that stomach piles coming out from the disfigured house? The piles were taken out from the Bhutanese girls. The fact is seen of a girl's bum slashing scathingly.

Look…look…LOOK…Here are the monkeys. Who cares to look at these funky monkeys?

Crazy Wagon ready to chuff. See the barrel for vintage. All drivers would drink from the huge barrel and drive. No drink driving please!!!

Digestive system like - water plus slides called banded kraits. Looks like it’s made of balloons.But it's not.

Swisssshh…swisssshh. Fun racers and boomerang; it’s treacherous and double-edged. I didn’t play here. Everything fast doesn’t suits me at least. I’m a slow, steady…wins the race!!!

Do you know? In Bhutan, every year more than five people die from eating mushrooms? And these mushrooms would kill hundreds.

Wave pools where I spent most of the time here. You just need no energy; the waves lift you up and throw here and there.

A bird’s eye view of wonderla. Suck wonderla, it’s the place for foxy foxes and mentally loose screws!

Come on boys. Let’s fight a cock fight? The show is end.  No, says Sonam. Lets see girls...

And girls... Beautiful ladies in wonderland. I envy them. I almost had a crush on ladies. If they know that I have a crush on them, I would be crushed into pieces. Because I was never a lady's man, i am dumb founded dummy in front of them and they would mistake me as dazed and daft, who would go on staring and staring to the wrong place, hehe…

And it ends with the song, a very traditional old Bhutanese song. Aeeayaa Gasalamya Singyee Choe… and the mike, you know, see the hands, f**k you!
Cautionary note again: If you want to use the images, please ask, don’t steal.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Long Boredom

Silently, silently in the night
What am I doing?
Lying on my bed
I can see only moon
Through my pan
You are far
It warms me
But the moon has slowly move behind the clouds
Leaving me alone, alone
How can be the night?
No night, no night
No evening, no evening
I am dying
When it comes every time
Thinking of visions
The visions of you
In my bed.
Show me the moon.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Agay’s Happiness

A happy person has a happy life.  A happy person is the one who has fulfill his unfulfilled dreams.  A happy person has less wants and he honorably stops his desire at one point.

The best example of happy person was my late Agay. I didn’t see my Agay but I learnt it from my father that my Agay was a happy person; he had nothing but cheerful smiles on his lips, always.

“What makes him put a smile on his face every time?” I asked my father.
“It is nothing but happiness,” my father said.

One morning, my young Agay went to his neighbour’s house with his white teeth visible even from another hill.  What nonsense is my Agay to smile himself! And guessed what he did inside the neighbour’s home, he comforted the sad girl with his smiles. He won the love of the girl through his smile. And my Agay was the happiest person to beget her.

During my school days, I wrote many conceptualized essays on a happy person. “The men who live happy make other happy. They are kind and friendly with others. They never hurt others and think bad about others. They don’t push their time back or forth, they exist in the present with lots of vigor, energy, contentment and peace. Those who are rich are not happy because their wants and needs are more. They always live in tenses and problems…”

Looking to some of my points above, now, my Agay fitted in very much or largely there. My Agay did the right in right order to his future wife. I can imagine my Agay in his best positive values. The way he walked, the way he talked, the way he behaved, would have always impressed others. He would have been called the laughing Buddha. Besides, he also sang distorted religious hymns that would distract his wife with laughter every so often. His face would have been always bright and would have shown in the darker slices of life. His truthfulness was the weapon behind the smile. His choices were less. He took less and gave more-to his wife, I suppose.

“There was happiness in the past then?” I asked to my father, who looked grim comparing his life with his father’s life.
“Now everbody is happy, and no time for unhappiness for myself. This GNH sucks!” My father covetously said.

Anyway, there is a truth in this Alexander Pope’s words, “Happy the man whose wish and care a few paternal acres bound, content to breathe his native air in his own ground.” And such was my Agay’s life, hard, but nevertheless happy. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Buncoing Buyers

Bangalore, said to be the most expensive metropolis in India is the home of millions. It’s a hustle and bustle city. Everything is lively, and there is no dearth of everything. You name it and you’ll get it. What matter is money? There is no dearth of anything, and people want it all; goods, transports, multi-cuisines, cheaters(Indian cheaters/buncos-- never trust any Indian; be it poor or rich, low or high – they only want money) fruits, girls (sorry that I have to mention girls-esp, bitches, actually, I am very faithful to my wife, otherwise how can I have love without faith. My faith is one of the true loves towards her and I have never had any relationship and never will. The deadly aids is a cruel god. Anyway, how can I have love without faith?). People want it and they get it all. Anytime, anywhere.
Here in Bangalore everything sells like hot cakes. You may go to the smallest shop and you will get surprise to see the shop buzzing with customers, and the climax of story is in the big malls, dashing and pushing-make shopping lucrative. Little bit of monkey business is everybody, everyday’s cup of tea. Today, I bought one kg mango for rs.40. This is the season of mangos here-different types of mangos; round, small, big, sweet, sour, etc…you name the mango and there you get it. I don’t care the name of mangos but their lushness/sweetness is all I mind. After buying a kg, I went to a next vendors, in which he willing offered me the same size and the same brand for rs.30. I was buncoed. Such a gig. They would sell out everything for money.
The reason things sell like hot cakes in Bangalore is because of the large population. Mind that in rush hours, people look like ants. Besides this, there are so many mixed populations from around the world. One thing I notice is that merchants are very lazy in Bangalore; the reason may be too many customers that keep them kind of fed up with the work.
Back in Bhutan, my sister has a small shop. It’s located in Denchi, Pema Gatshel. She told me that she bought things for sell only to be expired. There is no buyer. And recently, losing hope, she shifted her shop from Denchi to her village. “Is it better?” I asked. “I am hopping, but now it’s worst than the previous,” she told me worriedly. I mentioned her that this hope and expectation will lead you to poverty. I hope she understand it.
In Bhutan, we have dearth of people and thereby having less buyers. Our population are scattered and separated by valleys and mountains in which where only handful of people live and most of them are self-sufficient. Good, self-sufficient. If not, we produce nothing and if we depend on shops like Bangalorien, where the hell the money will come???