Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Country, Our Rights

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The book by Sanjaya Baru; ‘The Accidental Prime Minister: Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh’ hits the markets during the time of political storm and election rage in India. It definitely has created ripple effects between the two parties, BJP and Congress Party.

Looking at the title, I think that the book criticizes Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his rules. First, he was considered an accidental prime minister, and the second, his tenured did not bring any good future in India.

What I wonder about the book and its title is the freedom of writing; freedom of speech, when many countries are deprived of and needed the most. Look at their voices, look at their rights, look at their freedom of expressions, look at the print media, look at the freedom of press. But some countries, they cannot criticize and give negative feedbacks to anyone. If so, one is damned, rebuked and admonished.  So, they are living in a utopian society that is actually a dystopian society. Some pretend, a gentle one, when there is limited freedom. Freedom of choice? Or freedom of individuality? Their voices are never listened. They are smothered, controlled, and hid. There is nothing such as, ‘Our country, our rights.’

Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Fair

Book Stalls

Busy with Books

The book fair in Bajo Higher Secondary school’s ground commenced from 10th April and ended on 14th April, There were about 35 book stalls. The book fair was organized by KMT printer and publishing house. The fair was organized for schools of Western Bhutan, for Dzongkhags like Thimphu, Punakha, Paro, Chukha, Samtse, Sarpang, Zhemgang, Wangdi Phodrang and others. Hundreds of schools’ principals, teachers and library assistants came to purchase books for their schools’ libraries.

There were many contemporary books which looked beautiful, outerly. The books come in the form of illustrations, graphic designs, comics, etc. Almost all classic books are abridged, shorten and summarized. I love the variety spices of books; there were books about professional developments, like Robin Sharma, skills development, literature, sports books, science and technology, sex books, etc. 

There were books from Bhutan. Many books authored by Bhutanese sold like hot cakes, though it was pricey. There was one Bhutanese author, who advertised his thin book to the customers. He looked so cheap; he begged anyone to buy his books. And this is the problem in Bhutan, after working hard, after lots of  complicated process of publication, his/her work is wasted; wasted utterly that an author become poorer, peevish, meaningless, and becomes insignificant. Our people must support these authors.

Our school buys books every year. This year too, the school bought books worth of about two lakhs fourteen thousands. Our school library in charge and I went to purchase books. We bought books from eight book stalls. We equally divided our budget to them. I feel this book fair is a good chance to make money by book enterprises and book shops.

The book fair is conducted every year. It is usually organized in Mongar for Eastern Dzongkhags and Bajo for Western Dzongkhags. Many people were talking about the change of place and frequent need of this type of book fair. It is true that to promote reading habits, to promote knowledge, and make knowledge based society; there is need of promoting frequently in different places.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Muse about Music

We play music in schools. We play music in important occasions like wedding, birthday, etc. we play music in religious ceremonies. If music is everything; peace, love and salting away of boredom, if music acts as an antidote to aggression and hostilities, if music is the mastery way of educating people and upholding cultural heritages, then it is worth knowing and understanding it.  

Music is part of our lives. Music is the friend and the comforter of one’s life. An influential tuneful music has arises towards curbing of disruptive and abusive behaviors. It entertains us. Many juvenile people in and around the world are going to musical concerts and are glued to iPods, tapes and TV shows. They memorize and hum songs, oldies too do; inside the bus, in the bathroom, and many other places music humming can be heard.

Music is part of every culture on Earth. Many people feel that music makes life worth living. Music gives us pleasure. It can cheer us up, excite us, or soothe us. It is a form of communication to human being. It is a form of beautiful expressions.

Yesterday, I heard one of our Dzongkha Lopens, blaring inside the school toilet, the song called, ‘Zamling Nang Gi Atsara Nga.’ In fact, he was making a racket. He was shaking his voice as if he was doing some kind of exercises inside. Anyways, I love that song. It talks about how unstable our mind can be at times. How we play the role of the Atsara, a fool clown. I like the song.

Taking this into account, many countries value the music, whether pop or jazz or country. They have, therefore, music awards for the best singer, the best lyrics and the music. People are rewarded for their toils. Music is grade according to the sells of copies. The most marketed records are considered the finest. So they have top ten, top twenty and etc.

We have shows like Druk Superstar, which enhance Bhutanese music. Looking at the organizer, and the way it’s being organized looks like that the show like this is hard to stand on its own feet without a good support from the people. First, they have to force people to vote, second, they have to look for sponsorships, which maybe very meager. And the third, participants are given less than what they have been working tirelessly; to learn three genres; Boedra, Yungdra, and Rigsar, and to uphold them. Is it the prize for trying and spending lots of time?  Is there scope for them to survive? I didn’t hear people getting rich in Bhutan because of singing, or dancing. If so, he/she must leave the country and start career in other musically rich countries.

The society as a whole think that music is insignificant, and we therefore, take it for granted. Even though every region has rich folk songs, compositions, etc, we are not aware of our own pieces. We tend to copy and reproduce others song especially that of Hindi. In Bhutan, a music industry is growing, music fans are waiting for the best and fresh type of music. A different genre, and an uncommon one. Who can satisfy?

We must explore.

At present, we lack music. If you haunt and look at any household in Bhutan there may be one Bhutanese cassette/CD out of twenty or more Hindi and English cassettes/CDs. Who can encourage our own kind of music in Bhutanese population?

I personally feel, we can upgrade music through establishing musical halls in the country, and doing musical competition and placing them in top ten and rewarding them. They must be rewarded frequently from different areas?  How about Bhutan’s monthly top ten? TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines could help them to promote and widen Bhutanese music in Bhutan. In this way, we can encourage Bhutanese music, and in this way, we can make every Bhutanese hum rich Bhutanese song.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Have All

The sun has the whole universe
And you too have all;
The generosity, the merriment:
A man’s personality.

Always joyful and always to girl’s heart!
You are optimistic as you are,
And powerful as a man needs

Good in conversation and believing,
And sometimes in life-keep gap; independence,
Bother not what others do,
And bother what you do.

Self-praising hurts you atlast,
But, sometimes it uplifts you
You need that expectation.

Your future is as shiny as coral
As you have everything
That a man sometimes doesn’t have
Character, building rapports, confidence, persuasiveness
That will really win through the life
And may god bless you always
And my wish is the god’s wish.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SO, Did You Have a Good Head?

A journey to an unknown destination is always an apprehensive one.  And this journey of life is quite exhausting at times. You like to live the most, and one time, you like to end your life. These two times are shaped, twisted and created by people around you. And this is the journey you have to make, and cannot avoid. So is my journey.

Life just isn't fair, and this realistic Arabic proverb recognizes that. The stone will always break the egg. Life's like that! It’s like this: "If the stone fall upon the egg, alas for the egg! If the egg falls upon the stone, alas for the egg!"

Today, i would like to write very briefly about heads and bosses I have worked under, and had affected and provoked me to become a better one.

Good, funny, humorous, strict, rigid, cunning, boorish, nefarious, sly, lewd, erogenous, etc… are some qualities of the heads I had worked. 

There was a head who always drank and made other subordinates drink too.

There was a head who could play Khuru like Degor. And could hole in others body.

There was a head who could smack volleyball on his own side, and could kick ball to his own balls.

There was a head who could graze on ladies like cows grazing on lush grasses, and spared them like spare parts.

There was a head who could poke in personal details of others, and find fault and blemished himself.

There was a head who could control crowd like barking dogs, and remain barking himself.

There was a head who revolved around lesson plans all the time, not teaching, and the result; bad teachings, good lessons.

There was a head who thought that boss was always right, and multitudes were wrong.