Monday, January 7, 2013

Songing Heart

The best music touches deep into our heart. And it keeps alive, and kicking the life away despite sorrows and depressions beneath.

I love blue music, a real blues songs, a kind of sentimental and jazz, a pure kind of music, no such hip-hop, big-bang, or sharp pop. I am a pure, a simply a guy, who came from “Aamo Chi lay” backdrop. But to be frank, Bhutanese music didn’t fascinate me till recently. I was a die-hard fan of English music. And radio was the main source of music at those times- in the1990s. I knew all timings of radio shows, like BBS, AIR, VOI, BBC, Shillong broadcast, and others. Shortly, my brother gave me his tape-recorder that made me to buy as many as cassettes and listen as long as the batteries last. So I have listened to almost all songs of English, like Beatles, in which “Let It Be,” is one of my favorites, Eagles’ “Love will Keep us Alive,” George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” Bryan Adams, Police, CelineDion, Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Call to Say…,” Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up,”  Elton John, Savage Garden, Ronan Keating, Backstreet boys, etc are some of my favorites- to name a few.  

 I also love singing. I used to pick up my bass guitar and rock on the stage, most of the time unprepared. I vividly remember singing the song, “Tears in Heaven,” for my late brother, Sonam, “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” and others. But now, I sing in the toilet; nobody would listen to a husky old voice these days.

It's ME, singing "If Tomorrow Never Comes." Tomorrow comes if you believe...

I remember, the first album I bought was of Modern Talking, and their songs keep me still high and alive today. This German duo is my favorite. The songs like “You Can Win If You Want,” “ You're My Heart, You're My Soul,” “Cheri Cheri Lady,” “ Brother Louie,” and “Give me Piece of Love,” still keep me mesmerize and humming. They are the best songs I ever have in my life. The song “You Can Win If You Want” keeps me moving forward in my life. I think this song is the story about our life, the journey we make where nobody knows. Try listening to them. They are the best, though it’s a little bit of synthpop type, but it’s worthwhile and melodious to listen. It teaches so many good things of life. Empathy, love, care; quite a heart rendering songs. I often listen now and cry out remembering about my days.

Modern Talking (google images)