Thursday, June 4, 2015


Many people are planting cardamom these days. I too planted three lean cardamom plants last year, and these plants have remained as it were. The leaves are drying up now. They have turned brownish. What is my Elanchi upto now? When many are being profited from the spell of cardamom, my Elanchi couldn’t even get a drop of rain from the sky.

But coming to the serious point, people are planting lots of saplings these days. Because there were stories of how a family earned lakhs from two or three boras (sacks) of cardamom. We envy their hard work, when somebody has done something good than we try to copy. Some people never take risk of starting a new venture. It’s only things done by others, and then people like me follow. I have planted three saplings in my garden for test. I hope it grow well.

Just next to our water power, cardamom business could be second highest revenue generator in the country. We know our water is drying up year by year, and constructing a power station is quite dear for the country, it looks unwelcoming and bleak. But one hopeful thing that we look to is our gift of nature; the soil. Bhutan has the nicest soil for cardamom cultivation. These plants grow in-between 300-700mts above the sea level. If every plant people plant is to grow, then every household would become so independent and rich. What everyone needs is hard works, and hard works, what don’t need hard woks. Everything needs hard works to be succeeded.