Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I wrote these limericks when I was feeling tired and bored. They don’t have metrical feet at times.

There once was a girl named Yangzom,
who was a good friend of Pangzom.
She was the ugliest
And the one laziest
So Yangzom befriend with Pangzom.

When I dream, I dream in the sleep
The dreams unknowingly do creep.
They have no fixedness
 To calmed the sadness
But go on til desires are reap.

My eyes are burning bright on fire;
she’s the object of my desire.
She sat on the grass
and covered her ass
til somebody set on my desire.

A crafty Jigme made a speech
promised to stick like a leech.
Wagged to get support
Soon went to a port
And built his own house near the beach.

There was a boy with his toy once
The toy was called a big fat ounce
He tried to have frocks
And with that he rocks
He removed its penis in flounce

There was an old man from nowhere
He kept pics of chicks everywhere
 And went to slumber
Counted the number,
 Of pics on the wall everywhere.

The fox search for a carni-vore
Soon the cruel fox had a war
“You rock,” a cock said
“You will soon be dead,
for I have declared a big war.”