Friday, November 4, 2016

Words Fail Me

There are lot of speculative things that come to our mind both for and against the life. This is my short attempt at absolution about the future, and why I contemplate that such a pain in the neck is extremely likely.

I am looking at the voidness of the blue sky,
Wondering what our lives will be;
The cloudless day high,
was an answer.
What future i might see.

Today will be Someday
But that someday will be shoddier
And worse than today’s abandoner;
I don’t think it will be caring
I don’t think it will be loving.

Greed blind the truth
Wisdom will be blinded by willfulness of self
Prayer will be trapping of money
Respect for one another will bleed dry
Love will wary without money.

Our best will be valued only by the Yama
I hope these answers are affirmative
For then I know that we will see
A future, filled with affliction
Like it's should not be.

Now I hate how I took so long to see
That life's joy is a closed book to me,
And it is filled with hate and spite
All I've got to say is, "spit!"