Thursday, April 3, 2014

SO, Did You Have a Good Head?

A journey to an unknown destination is always an apprehensive one.  And this journey of life is quite exhausting at times. You like to live the most, and one time, you like to end your life. These two times are shaped, twisted and created by people around you. And this is the journey you have to make, and cannot avoid. So is my journey.

Life just isn't fair, and this realistic Arabic proverb recognizes that. The stone will always break the egg. Life's like that! It’s like this: "If the stone fall upon the egg, alas for the egg! If the egg falls upon the stone, alas for the egg!"

Today, i would like to write very briefly about heads and bosses I have worked under, and had affected and provoked me to become a better one.

Good, funny, humorous, strict, rigid, cunning, boorish, nefarious, sly, lewd, erogenous, etc… are some qualities of the heads I had worked. 

There was a head who always drank and made other subordinates drink too.

There was a head who could play Khuru like Degor. And could hole in others body.

There was a head who could smack volleyball on his own side, and could kick ball to his own balls.

There was a head who could graze on ladies like cows grazing on lush grasses, and spared them like spare parts.

There was a head who could poke in personal details of others, and find fault and blemished himself.

There was a head who could control crowd like barking dogs, and remain barking himself.

There was a head who revolved around lesson plans all the time, not teaching, and the result; bad teachings, good lessons.

There was a head who thought that boss was always right, and multitudes were wrong.