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Friday, July 10, 2015

My New Novel

My Rough Cover Page

I have almost done with my novel. I feel good when I go through my final draft. This is the work of seven years. I have been creating a story which everyone has a dreamt of creating, and where every one of us has experienced. It is about 71,000 words. This book wouldn’t have completed without great support from my family and parents, which I have mentioned in my acknowledgement. Thank you Mr. Monu Tamang for going through the draft and suggesting me to write this, not that. Now, I am looking for a real good editor. I hope to publish it by this year.

The story is set in a small village, where modernity is fast entering, changing, and affecting the mindset of people ubiquitously, unimaginably. In the 1980s, Bhutan experienced modern development like western education, roads, radio and others.

…and there was a boy, who sang, but who sang nowhere.

The Last Laugh (Title not finalized) is a tearfully sentimental novel. The book is woven sensitively with susceptible environment and people. Legpa (My male hero or protagonist) has so diverse life; he grows up in a village, and with him Eulden (My female protagonist) also grows- schooling and dropping, participating in a harsh life of farming. Legpa connects a bridge of life, and love, but at last become a lie. Somehow, his life swings on a high-falutine for some time, but slowly diminishes everything; death, betrayal, drinking, all these leads him to the life lesser than where he has once begun. He faces so many discards and refutations. The slow, secret and painful decline from Eulden leaves him in devastation, changing the course of his life. The burden of secret love and the truth evades him at last.

Despite all, he struggles to survive harsh imbalanced life of development. The nations smiles, but at the corner people endure.

It’s the story about a trades, tragedies and travels portrayed through characters. The story is a vividly a fast-paced dramas grounded in reality with a powerful emotional experiences.  

Sevens are symbolic; Seven days, seven weeks, seven years! Every after seven, everything in and around him changes but his world remains same. Seven!

It is a ‘Guaranteed Happy Ending.’

I will leave with a small extract from the novel. (This is from the chapter 25)

“Yes, sir. Yes sir,” Legpa repeated, extracting some strength and pushing forward. At that moment, the villagers; small children, young, men, women, old looked perplexedly to Legpa, and there were mutters.
“What do you want to say?” Zorpay looked at his eyes cunningly.
“Zorpay, your sycophancy is enough now,” Legpa attacked him.
“Sit down, tell him to sit down. You don’t know anything, you are just a hatched egg,” Zorpay shouted at him.
“This is our time, you old man. A new time,” Legpa blurted out to Zorpay and continued. “I know sir; the third ‘M’ is Marijuana plant…” He hung.
“Who said?” the village Tshogpa, Tawala said in a controlled manner.
“Marijuana is a drug…” Legpa gathered his courage.
“It’s milk, the ‘M,’ the cow’s milk la,” Tawala hinted saying to Legpa, “Don’t overact, sit down.”
“Let him speak?” the fat reporter smiled at Tawala’s foolishness.

I will write the key facts about the novel next, and other details about the novel. I will also share how I begin writing and difficulties faced while writing on this blog page. Keep visiting. Thanks.